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No Time? Try These Quick & Healthy Tips

1. Make sure you are getting your vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t take long to take a daily multi-vitamin. This way, even if you don’t eat all the food groups, or can’t keep track of your  nutrient intake, your body will be covered.

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2. Plan your meals. If you make a weekly meal plan, you will be able to stay on a budget and ensure you are eating healthy. Going out to eat often takes more time than preparing your own meal.

3. Get outside. Instead of eating inside under the artificial lights of the lunch room, go outside. Bring a blanket, or park your car by a green area. Nature makes us happy. Taking time to walk at lunch can have a positive effect on the rest of your day.

4. Add some green to your scene. Give yourself something to look forward to at work. Put some great indoor plants at work, or even herbs that you can add to your salads at lunch.

5. Bring some tea bags. Skip the morning coffee and run and enjoy a calming cup of tea. Avoid the excess sugar and creamer, try a delicious green tea or mint tea that doesn’t require such additions.