May 2013 | Organika Health Products
RESOURCE | May 2013

Organika Ultimate Fibre Ad

We all know our body needs fibre to maintain efficient digestion. Beyond providing bulk, fibre is a major component of roughage to facilitate food digestion, nutrient absorption and waste disposal. A normal healthy diet calls for adequate fibre. Without fibre, digestive problems including constipation and more serious gastro-intestinal complications may … READ MORE

Organic Coconut Sauce Ad – Chinese

Coconut Sauce is formerly known as Coconut Aminos. Move over, soy sauce. The Coconut Alternative is here. The newest innovation in soy sauce alternatives, Organika®‘s Organic Coconut Aminos™ is organic, gluten free, soy free, and has 61% less sodium than the leading brand name soy sauce*. Once the organic coconut … READ MORE

Kathy Smart with Organika Health Products’ Coconut Product Line

North America’s leading nutrition expert Kathy Smart shares the benefits of cooking and baking with Organika’s coconut product line. This TV show host, bestselling author, chef and multi-award winning nutritionist chooses to use coconut products by Organika when whipping up recipes from her gluten free cook book Live the Smart … READ MORE