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Mo'-tivation for Men's Health: Movember

Mo’-tivation for Men’s Health: Movember

Have you been making mo’gress lately?

Aside from using mo’ as the prefix to every word imaginable, we’re really talking about the progress towards improving men’s health, which is a conversation definitely worth having. By the way of moustaches that would make Tom Selleck proud, Movember is not just about facial hair but also about promoting men’s health awareness through:

  • Fundraising efforts going towards global awareness campaigns, support groups and programs.
  • Sparking conversations about men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancers.
  • Creating a call-to-action for men to get regular checkups, and maintain their health.
  • Donating towards the research needed to find therapies and treatments for men’s health issues.

Since men’s health is human health, the time has never been more relevant to take action. In our lifetimes, about two out of five Canadians will develop cancer. Among them, 1/8th will be prostate related among males and 1000 of those men fighting testicular cancer.1

While the emphasis often gets placed on types of cancer, Movember also raises awareness about a lesser known problem affecting men and women worldwide:

Mental health issues.


About 11% of men in Canada experience major clinical depression in their lives, with three times as many men dying by suicide than women.2 The donations raised through Movember support at-risk men for mental health issues, non-government organizations, local projects/researchers and men’s health partners!

This month is not just for the gents, either – every woman has a father, son, brother or uncle, which is why the wonderful women in our lives can get involved as Mo’ Sistas.

Plus, you get to take advantage of your manly right to don a moustache much like Freddie Mercury and Eddie Murphy, and those guys were awesome. Heck, wear a suit for the whole month if you want! Chop wood! Hit the gym! Save a kitten from a tree!*

Since 2003, there have been $574 million raised towards men’s health research and over 800 global programs like True NTH and NewAccess that cover various physical and mental health issues.

Don’t forget to register, grow that moustache with love and affection, tell your friends and donate towards a great cause!

Movember Rules
For a recap, read the rules on, gents.

For more information on Movember and Organika’s products like PROS (Saw Palmetto) and Maca in the Men’s Health category, be sure to visit:
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From our stache’ to yours,
Organika Health Team

*Movember or not, Organika heavily co-signs this activity.


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