April 2016 | Organika Health Products
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Stop Sneezing Fits with Natural Allergy Relief

A natural routine to stop sneezing fits every allergy season Spring has sprung, and while others are gearing up for picnics in the park, you’re stocking up on tissues. If your springtime routine includes sneezing, watery eyes, an itchy throat or congestion, you know how badly seasonal allergies can affect … READ MORE

How to Deal with Gout

Struggling with gout and wondering what to do about it? Get the answers to your questions and learn how to deal with gout naturally. If you’ve been diagnosed with gout, you’d probably do almost anything to avoid the excruciating joint pain that comes with an attack. Determining which natural therapies … READ MORE

Spirulina Globes Recipe

No matter who you share your snacks with, these Spirulina Globes are a winner. Whether you’re trying to please your vegan friend, your gluten free cousin, your health nut neighbour, your protein-enthusiast trainer, or your own personal sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. Spirulina Globes are the easiest, tastiest superfood … READ MORE