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Beat Gout Pain and Get Moving for Healthier Joints

Don’t let gout pain keep you down, exercise is good for your joints Making exercise a part of your routine might sound crazy if you deal with gout pain. And while exercise isn’t recommended during an acute gout attack, making time for movement in your average weekly routine is definitely … READ MORE

6 Ways to Ditch Stress

Learn how to manage stress with lifestyle tips and natural stress relief supplements Let’s face it, stress is impossible to avoid. But, that doesn’t mean that it should control your life. Sometimes all you need is a little time to relax, and some gusto to say no to the things … READ MORE

My Experience with the Naturopathic Approach to Health

How seeing a naturopath helped put me on the right path to health This is a guest post written by Crystal Meyers, Assistant Brand & Graphics Manager for Organika Health Products I had always dreaded going to see the doctor. So it may come as no surprise to learn that … READ MORE

Step Up Your Game and Recover Like The Pros

Amp up recovery with nutrition and ancestral herbs like curcumin and boswellia. To excel at sports, it takes hard work and dedication. Right now, recovery is the name of the game. Upgrading your nutrition, improving sleep, and adding targeted supplementation can help to accelerate recovery so you can train hard … READ MORE

How to Make Spirulina Almond Milk

Learn how to make almond milk in your very own kitchen. It’s simple! Green juice, green smoothies, and now, green milk. Green has never been easier. The only thing that could make this drink better, is if it’s sipped from a mason jar with a reusable straw. We started out … READ MORE

4 Sun Safety Habits for Healthier Skin

Keep skin healthy with sun safety tips this summer Summer is in full swing, which means you’re likely spending more time outside. That makes sun safety for healthy skin a must! Being out in the sunshine is great. It makes beach days, and picnics in the park all the more … READ MORE

Chocolate Chip Banana Vegan Protein Cookies

Indulge the healthy way with our delicious Chocolate Chip Banana Vegan Protein Cookies recipe! Healthy eating is all about finding balance. Sometimes that means saying no to deprivation and yes to cookies. Healthy vegan protein cookies to be exact. The trick to staying healthy while still being able to enjoy … READ MORE

How to Choose a Plant Based Protein Powder

Plant based protein is the perfect way to help you meet your protein needs If you’ve stood in front of the plant based protein powders in your local health food store feeling totally frazzled, we get it. There are a lot of options. So let us demystify the process and … READ MORE

Get Healthy Travel Tips

Say no to exhaustion, illness and traveller’s tummy with our healthy travel tips You encounter germs everywhere when you travel. Every plane comes with a passenger coughing and sneezing non-stop. Every tour bus is packed with luggage and thousands of germs. If you’re the adventurous type and choose exotic destinations, … READ MORE

Dr Elizabeth Crosby

Dr. Elizabeth Crosby MD, CCFP Dr. Elizabeth Crosby is an Orthomolecular physician who combines conventional and natural medicine for individualised, optimal health solutions. Originally from Halifax, Dr. Crosby graduated from Dalhousie Medical School and then completed her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. … READ MORE