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The Vegan Solution: Vege-Pro

If you’re like us, you’re tired of searching endlessly for a plant-based protein supplement that consists of complete protein, and is above the average 10-15 grams in most powders. Especially for us athletes! Or even the weekend warriors. You’re unique, and as such have unique nutritional requirements. For Celiacs, the … READ MORE

Goutrin: The Pain Free Solution For Joints

It’s time we talked gout, and about joint pain that affects many of us. Ever woken up with a stiff neck? How about right now, is your back stiff from sitting at your computer, currently reading this article? For the most part, we all experience joint pain to some degree … READ MORE

Quinoa Powder Benefits infographic

Infants, Celiac’s, lactose-intolerants, vegans and the health conscious—rejoice! Meet your new best friend, Instant Organic Quinoa Powder. In an instant form, we’re providing an answer to many nutritional concerns and questions that you have:

Quinoa Powder vs Quinoa Flour infographic

Have you gotten keen on Instant Organic Quinoa Powder yet? With oodles of possibilities for quinoa powder (Homemade baby food? You betcha’.) we decided to break down the advantages and major differences between powder and flour.

St. Patty’s Night-In Popcorn Recipes

Not interested in the usual St. Patrick’s day hum-drum? You can still avoid being pinched by going green with these healthy, and St. Patrick’s Day approved, popcorn recipes. Add a 1/2 scoop of Organic Greens for an extra kick of goodness. (We recommend you pair these treats with a comfy … READ MORE

Coco Loco Brownies

This National Nutrition Month don’t feel guilty about having your cake and eating it too. Dessert to celebrate National Nutrition Month? We’re serious. For National Nutrition Month (NNM), we’re all about making the comfort foods you love healthy by using a few healthier substitutes for ingredients that are easy to … READ MORE

Boost Your Valentines Day with Maca

Enjoy quality time with a loved one while getting some quality nutrients! Valentine’s Day is coming up! And while dinners can be expensive and stressful, try keeping it simple by spending time with your loved one in the kitchen! Spend time, and not money, with your loved one. A great … READ MORE

5 Ways to Survive Holiday Feasting

Yes, it’s the holidays. And that can only mean one thing: FOOD! As amazing as egg nog, ham, soups, salads, stuffings and savoury recipes that your grandma won’t share with you are, holiday feasting can use a little moderation for the sake of your health. Here are Organika® we know … READ MORE

Mo’-tivation for Men’s Health: Movember

Have you been making mo’gress lately? Aside from using mo’ as the prefix to every word imaginable, we’re really talking about the progress towards improving men’s health, which is a conversation definitely worth having. By the way of moustaches that would make Tom Selleck proud, Movember is not just about … READ MORE

Supporting Women’s Health: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a grandmother or any strong woman for that matter – you have more than enough on your plate, and are the Queens of multi-tasking. Between soccer practice, recital and getting the kids a healthy breakfast while brushing your teeth and combing … READ MORE
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