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Stop Sneezing Fits with Natural Allergy Relief

A natural routine to stop sneezing fits every allergy season Spring has sprung, and while others are gearing up for picnics in the park, you’re stocking up on tissues. If your springtime routine includes sneezing, watery eyes, an itchy throat or congestion, you know how badly seasonal allergies can affect … READ MORE

How to Deal with Gout

Struggling with gout and wondering what to do about it? Get the answers to your questions and learn how to deal with gout naturally. If you’ve been diagnosed with gout, you’d probably do almost anything to avoid the excruciating joint pain that comes with an attack. Determining which natural therapies … READ MORE

Spirulina Globes Recipe

No matter who you share your snacks with, these Spirulina Globes are a winner. Whether you’re trying to please your vegan friend, your gluten free cousin, your health nut neighbour, your protein-enthusiast trainer, or your own personal sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. Spirulina Globes are the easiest, tastiest superfood … READ MORE

Student Health Initiatives: HeWe Squats N’ Smoothies

We know maintaining healthy habits can be a challenge for busy students; that’s why Organika partnered with HeWe, the Sauder School of Business health and wellness service, for a Squats N’ Smoothies event featuring Organika Vege-Pro plant based protein and Maca. HeWe runs 2-3 events per month open to all … READ MORE

Green Me Up and Go Smoothie

It’s the perfect kickstart to your detox regime, an anecdote to a night out and a boost of nutrition. And yes, it’s also green. But don’t worry, it does not taste like grass, or seaweed or a salad that’s been put in the blender. In fact, you can’t even taste … READ MORE

Sip Smarter: How alcohol affects your health

Let’s face it, alcohol is a part of our culture, and while it may be nice to take part in your social celebration with a glass of wine or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green beer, it is never recommended to drink in excess. Drinking alcohol can deplete nutrients and … READ MORE

Coconut Cream Maca Bars

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Now breathe, because tomorrow is Friday. How many of us can attest to anxiously awaiting the weekend to catch up on life? The work week can make it seem like there is never enough time in a day. To-do lists grow by a mile, workouts get … READ MORE

Take care of your heart

February is Heart Month. As you go about your day, you probably don’t think much about the organ that makes it all possible: your heart. It’s your hardest working muscle and it pumps for you all day long, but still, there are a lot of habits in western society that put … READ MORE

A Smooth Boost

We’re headed into the third week of January, and for most this can mean falling off the New Year’s resolution wagon. Keep riding strong! Change is created through routine; small changes can make a huge impact in your life. If you have already experienced one (or a few) slip-ups since … READ MORE

Dr. Cheryl Cooper

My mission is to change the way that health care is being done in Canada! Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine With 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, she is one of Ottawa’s most respected Naturopathic doctors and was voted Ottawa’s Best Naturopathic Doctor in 2015. Having recently … READ MORE
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