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Spirulina Lime Vegan Chia Seed Pudding

Try this timesaving make-ahead vegan chia seed pudding for breakfast This vegan chia seed pudding is a lifesaver. It takes just five minutes to prepare, it tastes great, and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. Your busy morning excuses just met their match; breakfast is no longer optional. It’s not … READ MORE

Very Cherry Smoothie for Gout

Get the scoop on tart cherry juice and gout, plus one delicious way to eat more cherries Nobody wants gout. It’s excruciating joint pain, debilitating at times and hard on your kidneys. So, it’s only fair that something as delicious as cherries could help right? Tart cherry juice and gout … READ MORE

5 Ways to Make Outdoor Fitness a Part of Your Routine

Mix up your routine with outdoor fitness for a healthy body Leave the sweaty stench of gyms behind and try out a new outdoor fitness routine. With an abundance of fresh air, and scenery far more beautiful than the view from your gym window, what are you waiting for? Take … READ MORE

The 5 Best Hiking Snacks to Keep You Energized

Fuel your adventure with the best hiking snacks Hiking is a great way to connect with nature, have fun with friends, and release some stress. You also get some healthy exercise in to help keep your joints limber. Being based in British Columbia, we are surrounded by an abundance of … READ MORE

DIY Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Body Scrub

Get a healthy glow with our homemade exfoliating body scrub recipe Most beauty products are full of ingredients that you can’t recognize yet alone even pronounce. That’s why for this recipe, we raided the kitchen cupboards for ingredients you’ve heard of, to mix with our activated charcoal powder in this … READ MORE

What’s the Buzz? Bee Products and Their Health Benefits

Get your health benefits from the hive with 4 amazing bee products Bees do a whole lot more than just making honey. They’re actually extremely hard workers. They pollinate the many plants that feed us, and protect their hive and support their queen, while preparing for times of scarcity. They … READ MORE

How to Eat Healthy on a Road Trip

Stay on track during your travels with healthy road trip snacks A road trip is not complete without grabbing your meals from a drive through window and taking photos with weird tourist attractions you’d otherwise never seek out. World’s Largest Paddle anyone? It’s actually a thing. But while we’re totally … READ MORE

Beat Gout Pain and Get Moving for Healthier Joints

Don’t let gout pain keep you down, exercise is good for your joints Making exercise a part of your routine might sound crazy if you deal with gout pain. And while exercise isn’t recommended during an acute gout attack, making time for movement in your average weekly routine is definitely … READ MORE

6 Ways to Ditch Stress

Learn how to manage stress with lifestyle tips and natural stress relief supplements Let’s face it, stress is impossible to avoid. But, that doesn’t mean that it should control your life. Sometimes all you need is a little time to relax, and some gusto to say no to the things … READ MORE

My Experience with the Naturopathic Approach to Health

How seeing a naturopath helped put me on the right path to health This is a guest post written by Crystal Meyers, Assistant Brand & Graphics Manager for Organika Health Products I had always dreaded going to see the doctor. So it may come as no surprise to learn that … READ MORE