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Sunscreen Savvy

by Dr. Cheryl Cooper, ND We’re told that we should wear sunscreen to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays, which may ultimately cause skin cancer. On the other hand, we’re also told that 90% of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient1 and the best way for our bodies to get … READ MORE

6 Amazing Benefits of Collagen

For millennia, our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to hunt for their meals and would consume their prey from “nose to tail”, not wanting to waste any food because they didn’t know when their next meal would come. Today, thankfully, we don’t have to worry about “hunting and gathering” for our next … READ MORE

How to Detoxify Your Body and Feel Great

Everyday ways to detoxify your body for better health Detoxification should be an essential part of everyone’s health plan. While our bodies are able to neutralize and eliminate toxins on their own, our systems can become overwhelmed by the amount of toxins we’re exposed to. We get overloaded by toxins … READ MORE

5 Immune Booster Supplements

Try these immune booster supplements this cold and flu season If cold and flu season is usually rough for you, you might want to consider some immune booster supplements to get you through. They can help to strengthen your immune system, and fight the symptoms that creep up on you … READ MORE

Struggling With Low Energy? Here’s Why

It’s normal to feel tired once in a while, but exhaustion shouldn’t be a part of your everyday routine. If you’re in a constant state of low energy where even the simplest of tasks seem like a challenge, there could be more going on under the surface. There are a … READ MORE

4 Foods That Help with Allergies

Enjoy the fresh air with foods that help with allergies Spring and fall can be an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmares. The sniffling, sneezing, congestion and sore throat. It’s that awful feeling you get with the onset of a cold, except it lasts the whole season. Eating foods that help with … READ MORE

7 Tips for Dealing with Stress

How to take care of yourself to make dealing with stress easier Stress shows up every day in some way, shape or form. Stress at work, stress at home, or stress in your relationship. Whatever the cause, taking the time to unwind is essential for dealing with your stress. Keep … READ MORE

6 Ways to Improve Your Health

Improve your health by building a better foundation for healing The path to being healthier starts with a stronger foundation. Often when issues arise with our health we treat the symptoms and don’t really address the reason why the symptoms exist. When we discontinue the treatment, the symptoms often come … READ MORE