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Organika’s Year in Review 2017

2017 WAS AN AMAZING YEAR FOR ORGANIKA We’ve accomplished a lot this year. Not only did we continue to improve our quality and standard of our products, we were able to reach out and serve the community and the world. For 2018, we hope to continue to serve, inspire and … READ MORE

Enhance Your Winter : Relax and Take a Moment

The winter can be a magic time, but sometimes the cold days seem more of a drag than an inspiration. In the heart of Winter, it’s important to keep looking after ourselves; taking time to relax and nourish ourselves physically and emotionally. It’s no wonder that many people report feeling … READ MORE

Red Reshi: King of Mushrooms

For thousands of years, the Red Reishi mushroom is a rare and genuine “superfood used for various healing abilities.” They are one of the oldest mushrooms known for its therapeutic uses. Red Reishi mushrooms help fight against inflammation and connected to longevity, stronger immune system and mental clarity — which … READ MORE

OrganiKares – Paying it Forward 2017

I doubted how I should write this; perhaps a clean fluffy piece that washes over the systemic issues at the root, or the gritty and dark. But neither would do justice to the gravity of the poverty issue in the city, or the good deed, so many people and organizations … READ MORE

Happy Holidays: 5 Tips to Getting Through the Holidays

Chelan Wilkins, RHN National Education Trainer As the holiday season fast approaches, we all seem to start to feel the un-denying pressure and stress that comes with it. From the endless lists of shopping, busy parking lots, expensive purchases, Christmas parties, gift exchanges, grocery shops, houseguests to late night wrapping … READ MORE

Renewed Gentlemen

I’m nervous about writing this, I’ve been nervous all day, and that’s because the subject matters to me. Men’s mental, physical health and their place in the world matter to me, as I have struggled with both and have only become stronger because of good men and women in my … READ MORE

Becoming a Superman – A Dad’s Guide to Feeling Awesome!

Being a dad is awesome; kids are inspiring, energetic and instill a greater sense of connectedness. But let’s face it, it’s also really tiring. Early mornings, pick-ups and drop-offs, late nights at the office… it all adds up and many dads I see in clinic find it increasingly difficult to … READ MORE

Recovering from the Loss of a Loved One to Breast Cancer

Chelan Wilkins Breast Cancer Those two words still sting in my mind. Although I have spent many years reading about the ever-growing epidemic of breast cancer diagnosis’s, survivors, and even deaths I never quite comprehended the devastation of the disease until it hit close to home. As women, we are … READ MORE

Bone Broth 4 Immunity

6 Ways Bone Broth Can Boost Immunity Do you struggle with constantly getting sick over the winter months? Or perhaps is just a nagging sore throat and fatigue, but you’re able to power through your workdays (even though you don’t feel like yourself). Catching nasty a cold or flu, or … READ MORE

Back to School Tips for Smart, Healthy, and Happy Kids

by Dr. Cheryl Cooper, ND Getting back into the routine of school can be tough on kids and parents alike. Setting everyone up for an easy transition makes going back to school a fun and exciting time of year. Below are some tips and tricks to make it easier for … READ MORE