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CHFA East Twitter Party on #plants4protein

Come and join us for FREE giveaways for loyal retailers and their customers. We are hosting the first ever industry Twitter party with Kathy Smart, North America’s Gluten Free Expert, at the CHFA on Sept. 13th, Booth 1317. Be sure to follow @organikahealth for the chance to win a complimentary … READ MORE

MORE Reasons to Attend CHFA West, Organika’s PES seminar

Countdown! MORE Reasons to Attend CHFA West, Organika’s PES seminar Watch the video and Kathy Smart will give you more reasons why! ORGANIKA just came away from the Annual Grocery Showcase Expo 2014 with a shiny new award, our Top Secret Product got awarded TOP TEN MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT for … READ MORE

Passport for Change

Organika is delighted to announce the upcoming, groundbreaking, Passport for Change. As the proud Event Senior Sponsor, we believe that this is an opportunity to bring positive change into your life. Passport for Change, presented by Tonic Magazine, is a self-directed and personalized event that combines seminars, social media support … READ MORE

2013: A Wave Building Momentum

2013 was a great year for Organika. We released some exciting new products, adding 54 new NPNs to our total of 535, making us one of the top NPN holders in the country. We also expanded into a fourth facility in Richmond to increase our manufacturing capabilities. We won a … READ MORE

Organika is now on Pinterest!

Supplements and functional foods have a special place on Pinterest, the website used for collecting and organizing the things you love. Think of it as an online cork board used for whatever inspires us. Organika is proud to be accessible on Pinterest for the green, natural, organic, and health revolution that … READ MORE

Organika Wins Three Alive Awards!

It has just been announced that Organika’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder won three awards in the Alive Awards 2013! Our newly launched Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder, which took CHFA East by storm, has already won a bronze medal for the Consumer’s Choice New Product category. … READ MORE

Organika wins GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE!

Organika is beyond thrilled with our results from OPTIMYZ Magazine’s Best of the Best Awards!   Over 100,000 Canadians voted on their favourite products, and just days before attending Canada’s largest health industry expo at CHFA East in Toronto, we are happy to announce not just one award-winning product but SEVEN award-winning … READ MORE

2013 Alive Awards

Organika® participates in the 2013 Alive Awards. Vote Today! Organika® is excited to be participating in the 2013 Alive Awards, which promotes and recognizes outstanding product innovation while enhancing the credibility of natural health products. Since 1994, these prestigious gold, silver, and bronze awards have been presented to manufacturers of … READ MORE