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Kathy Smart: Organika® and Gluten Free Organic Quinoa and Maca powder interview with host Tammy-Lynn McNabb is now streaming on

Kathy Smart: Organika® and Gluten Free interview is now streaming on
You can also download and listen to this interview through our direct link on the following page

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Both Organika® Health Products President and Founder Tom Chin and Kathy Smart, North America’s leading gluten free expert, were on the Natural Health Radio show over the weekend. Get the answers to the following questions, and more!

Kathy Smart

  1. What are common symptoms of celiac disease?
  2. How do people test themselves for gluten sensitivity?
  3. What are strategies for parents of recently diagnosed kids?
  4. Are all gluten free products healthy?
  5. Does gluten free mean grain free? What grains can we use?
  6. Going gluten free is expensive, isn’t it?
  7. What is your all time favourite recipe?
  8. What’s always in your shopping cart?
  9. Does coconut oil quality matter?
  10. Top 3 foods for life on a desert island.
  11. Health and gluten free means flavour free. Right?
  12. How do I eat gluten free at restaurants?
  13. What item in my kitchen should kick the bucket NOW?

Tom Chin

  1. What was the beginning of Organika®?
  2. What were Organika®‘s first products?
  3. What is Organika®‘s philsophy?
  4. What was the prestigious award Organika® just won?
  5. Two NEW coconut products! Can you give listeners the sneak peek?

You can listen to the media cast on The Natural Health Show’s website or right here.
Organika®’s ambassador Kathy Smart, TV Show Host, Best-Selling Author, Chef, and Multi-Award Winning Nutritionist, will appear on the Natural Health Show with Steve Herringer on Sept. 21st and 22nd.

World Alzheimer’s Day takes place on September 21st, and Kathy will discuss the health benefits of certain foods and supplements that are good for our brain, such as our award-winning Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Listen here.