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IN THE MEDIA | May 2013

Organika Talks Coconuts and Organic Greens at Eat! Vancouver 2013


On May 24, 25 and 26th 2013, consumers will attend Eat! Vancouver and experience the first official consumer launch of Organika’s new Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup and Organic Coconut Sauce. These innovative must-have ingredients for every health-conscious shopper were chosen by Kathy Smart to be featured in coconut-inspired recipes on Global TV.

We’ll be there, beside the cooking stage, to sample these CHFA crowd-favourites, while explaining the health benefits and sharing recipe tips! This highly anticipated event will be the platform for Organika to educate consumers on our growing functional food line up.

Organika translates the quality, purity and potency of health supplements into high quality, transparent functional food products. At Eat! Vancouver, you will have the opportunity  to sample Organika’s Organic Greens, a delicious and convenient drink mix that contains 17 different fruits, vegetables and herbs. Visit Organika Health Products at Eat! Vancouver to sample our new organic coconut products and our Organic Greens Drink Mix.

Vegucated in VancouverKrystle, the author of VegucatedinVan and one of Vancouver’s foodie bloggers, is getting ready for Eat! Vancouver.

Check out her product review of Organika’s Coconut Products and the amazing recipe she created. 

Organika Promotes Celiac Awareness Month…For Life

Estimates indicate that every 1 in 133 persons in Canada is affected by celiac disease. Countless Canadians have self-diagnosed gluten sensitivity and many more are choosing to follow a gluten free diet. That’s well over 330,000 Canadians.

Organika Health Products has embraced the opportunity to operate from a platform of gluten free awareness and education. In light of Celiac Awareness Month, Organika highlights the steps we’ve taken to help celiac and gluten sensitive consumers across the nation.

Clear Labels.
As a health supplement and functional foods manufacturer, Organika’s products are packaged in a certified organic facility under ISO9001 and Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices certifications. For the convenience of our health supplement and functional food consumers, we have taken the initiative to revise our labels to include a gluten free logo on over 400 NPN approved products.

Gluten Education.
Organika is a proud supporter of nutrition experts who specialize in gluten free nutrition, anti-inflammatory nutrition and cooking with whole, natural foods. In our work with Kathy Smart, North America’s leading nutrition expert, we have showcased many gluten free recipes on industry and consumer trade show stages, in addition to videos and seminars.  Through our sponsorship of nutritionist, TV host and author Julie Daniluk in combination with the Natural Health Radio Show, we have set up multiple educational shows featuring healthy choices. Chef Bianca Osbourne created a number of healthy, gluten free recipes founded on her philosophy of increasing vitality through natural foods.

eat vancouverCatch us at the EAT Vancouver Expo May 24th, 25th & 26th, a hub for foodies with tons of gluten free options. Expert reps will be sampling our sought after Organic Coconut Vinegars, sharing recipes and spreading coconut education! Take advantage of the special show prices on all the products at EAT Vancouver, including gluten free holistic weight loss supplements.