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IN THE MEDIA | January 2014

Passport for Change

Organika is delighted to announce the upcoming, groundbreaking, Passport for Change. As the proud Event Senior Sponsor, we believe that this is an opportunity to bring positive change into your life.

Passport for Change, presented by Tonic Magazine, is a self-directed and personalized event that combines seminars, social media support and elements of “speed-dating” into a one-of-a-kind, consumer experience. We provide people who are looking for change with the tools and experts they need to fulfill their resolutions and goals for the coming year.

Also, proud to present Lisa Petty, Keynote speaker for Living Gluten Free – fundamentals to moving forward to a healthier you. Don’t miss out on Lisa Petty. Lisa Petty is a celebrity nutritionist and health expert for television, radio and print, an international speaker, award-nominated journalist and award-winning author who believes that healthy living is simple – although it often isn’t easy.

Event Details

To Register:

Registration is essential in order to purchase tickets and schedule one-on-one meetings with the 100 fitness, nutrition, wellness, and emotional health experts who will help you achieve your goals. You can email these experts in advance to ask questions, and you may attend as many one-on-one meetings and 20-minute discussions as you like.


More Information For a more detailed overview of the event, please follow this link: