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IN THE MEDIA | November 2014

Optimize Your Health – FREE Seminar with Kathy Smart!

1) Are you wearing pants and/or a shirt right now?

2) Do you live in Ontario?

If you answered yes to both, then congratulations! We’re thrilled, because you’re two of three steps away from a free health seminar in Orillia on Nov. 27th with some of North America’s leading health experts – all you need to do is register online!

What’s in it for you, other than amazing and interactive seminars with Kathy Smart and Dr. Zoltan Rona?

Free stuff! Like free admission to the trade show, seminars and the entire event for one thing. Not to mention free swag bags, free sampling, shopping and over $5000 in prizes! Score.

Most importantly, Nov. 27th at the Opera House will include free interactive seminars from two of the natural health industry’s leading experts on a variety of topics, ranging from natural alternatives to antibiotics to optimizing your overall diet.

And who better to have a seminar from than North America’s Gluten Free Expert™ Kathy Smart?

Delicious cookies aside, Kathy is able to integrate the lessons of gluten-free nutrition with the aesthetics of culinary gourmet in a fluid manner and has 19 years of extensive research in the natural health field; if you were looking to learn the ins and outs of your body and health, then the National Nutrition seminar on Nov. 27th is the place to be!

If that wasn’t enough, she’s even doing smoothies too. Live. On stage. Yes, she will show you how to use Organika’s Quinoa Powder, Maca and a number of other Award-winning organic products to make superfood smoothies, and yes they are delicious!*


If you wanted to learn more about how to use Quinoa Powder and other ingredients in the ultimate smoothie to promote a healthy gluten-free lifestyle – you’ve come to the right place!

Or rather will be in the right place, on Nov. 27th at the Opera House at the National Nutrition Seminar! Now is your time to get involved with the Q+A section, meet and greet with Kathy Smart, grand prizes and last but not least – shopping.

See you there!

Best wishes,
Organika Health Team

*Organika heavily co-signs delicious smoothies made by Kathy Smart. Even just smoothies in general. We like em’. A lot.