Success! Thanks to you, CHFA Quebec was a blast. Here’s why. | Organika Health Products
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Organika at CHFA Quebec 2015

Success! Thanks to you, CHFA Quebec was a blast. Here’s why.

We owe you, and our consumers a massive thank you (or rather, “merci beaucoup”).

Our success this year at CHFA Quebec is attributed to everyone that visited our booth, and those that have supported us over the years.

The reason we exist as a company is to give loyal retailers and consumers all that you need to change the face of global health, one story at a time.

To recap CHFA Quebec:

As a proud CHFA member for 20 years strong, we were thrilled to be a part of CHFA Quebec – the only trade show in the province dedicated towards natural health.

The demand for natural health products in Quebec is quite high, and we are happy as a company to provide a supply of new, innovative products and health ideas for that market.

From all across Québec, retailers visited our booth to take advantage of specials and events that provided great opportunities for networking in the natural health community.

We are happy to be celebrating our 25th anniversary with you, and hope for future prosperity for our retailers and company alike!

Stay tuned for more updates on our future health voyages.

Organika Health Team

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