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The Essential Role of Quinoa and Other Superfoods


CHFA East PES Seminar with Kathy Smart:

The Essential Role of Quinoa and Other Superfoods.


With the massive success of our Organic Quinoa Powder (OQP) in the West, we at Organika are delighted to be bringing that success and a product educational seminar to the (CHFA) East, and to YOU – our loyal customers and retailers.

Join us on Friday, Sept. 12th, Room 716A from 4:15-5:00pm with North America’s Gluten-Free Expert and Registered Nutritionist Kathy Smart for an educational seminar on how our Organic Quinoa Powder really works. Get the inside scoop on the hormonal balancing, overall benefit of quinoa, and why we’re all about #plants4protein!

Most importantly, the seminar will cover how to use this versatile bag of goodness!

Fact of the day:

OQP can even be used in vegan protein burgers (Mmmmm). How? Find out by joining us for the seminar!

Be sure to follow @organikahealth and @Smart_Kitchen on Twitter and use the #plants4protein for a chance at a complimentary seminar at YOUR store – as well as attending our first ever CHFA East Twitter Party! So go ahead, get prepared to get keen, on quinoa.

For more information, visit and stay tuned.