New Products

from Organika® Health Products

Organika's Organic Quinoa Powder
Organika's 7 Day Rapid Joint Relief with NEM
Organika's Citric Acid
Organika's Gaba
Organika's Organic Greens in sachets
2012 - 2013 NEW PRODUCTS
Organika's Organic Maca Powder
Organika's Organic Spirulina
Organika's Coconut Palm Sugar
Organika's Coconut Palm Sugar ToGo
Organika's Organic Greens
Organika's Amla
Organika's Green Coffee Extract
Organika's Coconut Oil with Omega 3
Organika's Coconut Sauce
Organika's Coconut Nectar
Organika's Coconut Vinegar
Organika's Coconut Vinegar with raw wild honey
Organika's Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
Organika's Colliodal Sliver Agent
Organika's Garcinia Plus
Organika's INSTANT C Effervescent with stevia
Organika's Cod Liver Oil
Organika's Uriflow
Organika's Arnica Gel
Organika's Chanca Piedra
Organika's Lemon Balm Extract
Organika's Holy Basil
Organika's Green Tea Raspberry Keytone
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