Mr. Thomas Chin, President and Founder of Organika Health Products

Message from the President

“People are changing. Culture is changing. People are believing in natural products more than anything else, right now.”
- Thomas Chin

I believe in truth – whether that be “Truth in a bottle” and/or the quality, purity, and potency among products, but most of all, truth for consumers.

As the president and founder of Organika Health Products, my number one rule for health is to listen to your body. For myself and Organika, the goal is to have global health transformation among all cultures; one step at a time. The biggest mistake health companies made years ago was to segregate people that ONLY went to health stores – whereas I believe that everyone should have access to good health, and to positive transformation in life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Each day for me begins with a prayer to thank God for life and health; it continues at the office as a full day of hard work and innovation for consumers, and ends with the same gratitude for life and family – full circle. Oh, and playing with my basset hound, too.

This full circle concept is what I envision for the natural health industry, and interestingly enough is how the concept for Organika started: lying in a grassy field years ago, pen and paper in hand, and drawing a globe with the name “Organika”. “Organic” being from the Earth, and “ka” which is common in Bahasa Malay to replace “C” with “K” sounds.

This full circle encompasses sustainability and better health throughout the full circle of the Earth, the major theme that still drives the company forward today.

I want to thank you for your loyalty and feedback. Your continued support has contributed to our presence as a world-wide supplier of health supplements. As we grow, I promise you that we will continue to adhere to our commitments and provide you with leading health supplements you can trust!

Thomas Chin
Organika Health Products Inc.

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