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Maca Powder, Organic Gelatinized

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Maca helps to balance the effects of major hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

Gelatinized for less starch, better digestion and easy absorption.


  • Known as Peruvian Ginseng, Maca Powder supports healthy bone structure, stress levels and increased energy.
  • Balances mood and emotional state during menopause.
  • Supports physical and emotional aspects of sexual health.
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Also known as Peruvian Ginseng, Maca is grown in the high plateaus of the Andes mountains in Peru. Centuries ago, maca was presented to only the best Incan warriors and today Organika® presents it to you.

Maca is used to promote healthy free testosterone levels in men, which accordingly helps improve strength, vitality, hair health, higher bone mass density and sexual drive. Maca is beneficial to men and women of any age, but especially over the ages of 30 when hormone levels decline.

Among women, maca supplementation has been studied to help normalize the symptoms of premenstrual/menstrual symptoms, as well as the symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, cramps, fatigue and lethargy.

The dried maca roots are carefully selected and washed before they are cut, cooked, dried and ready for milling. Organika® Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder undergoes a specialized procedure, involving additional slow cooking and an extrusion process which splits large starch chains, to create a maca powder that mixes instantly.

Ingredients: Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder.

Suggested Uses: Mix 1 tsp in 12 oz of cold water or use it in other applications like shakes, baking, and smoothies.

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2 reviews for Maca Powder, Organic Gelatinized

  1. jude Corfield
    5 out of 5


    Love the Maca. It stopped my hot flashes in a week. Great product.

  2. Gordon
    5 out of 5


    add it in my smoothie every morning. I wanted to kick my coffee habit and replaced Maca for coffee. I have a ton of energy in the morning and I have noticed it has helped with my focus at work. awesome product

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