Research & Development

Our leading clinical research develops premium formulas and places Organika® as a frontrunner in the global market. Since 1990, Organika® has been instrumental in developing a unique range of products designed to meet the needs of the Canadian and international market. As medical knowledge of natural products advances, Organika® shapes the world’s latest scientific discoveries into innovative health opportunities.

Organika® studies scientific and medical journals and gathers evidence from herbal and naturopathic literature.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Organika® not only surpasses regulation quality standards, our Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams breakthrough our own concepts of quality to deliver a product that consistently raises the bar. Organika® was the first health supplement company in Canada to receive the globally-recognized International Standards of Organization (ISO) 9001 Certification of the few Canadian health companies currently awarded certification. Facility operations follow the Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices site licensed compliance certification requirements by Health Canada, mandating independent audit inspections. Organika® undergoes random testing as a member of the True Label Program. We submit all new proposed products to the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate, the regulating authority of Health Canada that issues all the NPN.

The Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams are involved in every step of the production. Organika® thoroughly analyzes the potency of incoming raw materials and quality of packaging supplies. In-process inspections include verification of sample specifications and compliance of equipment operation limits. We provide every staff member with regular training to ensure they follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) while operating our state-of-the-art equipment. Before each product is released to the consumer, Organika® conducts tested by all parameters set by Health Canada. Our product labels are periodically updated to reflect changing information and Health Canada requirements to further ensure efficacy and safety.


As a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Site Licensed facility by Health Canada, Organika®’s manufacturing and packaging operations follow strict quality regulations. Organika® has received ISO 9001 Certification.

Quality Assurance and production staff ensure facilities maintain hygienic, pest-free conditions through rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Production operators receive regular training to improve their performance while working with our state-of-the-art machinery.

With an efficient and meticulous production method, we are able to provide a diverse product line. Organika® offers over 540 NPN licensed natural health products. Every batch of capsules and tablets is visually inspected for defects before advancing to packaging.


Organika®’s modern facilities and dedicated staff ensures efficiency and excellent service to clients. Modern state of the art equipments are used to analyze the exact content and quality of raw ingredients. Our facilities have been site licensed approved by Health Canada in accordance with the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of operation.