Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, our products are sold through retailers.
A: You can learn more about Organika and it’s history on our Story page and the Message from the President.
A: Some of our products are Certified Organic, but there are a few that are not; it is possible that those that are not certified may be organically grown, however the cost of certification for small scale farmers may be too high. In that case, the product was grown organically, but may not be certified on a technical basis due to high costs.
A: As their name suggests, supplements are intended to supplement (not replace) a healthy diet. Some supplements are taken in the morning, some are taken before exercise and others are taken before bed. Since it varies greatly depending on the type of supplement being used, it is important to stick to the instructions provided on the label.
A: Organika Health Products are manufactured right here in Richmond, B.C., Canada at our very own GMP Health Canada Site Licensed facility.

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