Organika Story

Organika began as many health companies do, as an answer to a health issue.

Before the 1990′s, the only option for such a predicament was to go under the knife, which was quite invasive. A good friend of Tom’s recommended for him to go to the market and buy a pound of parsley, a cut of turmeric and mix with 1 part juice and 1 part water. After drinking this mixture for three days, the problem was solved and Tom thought “Why go under the knife at all, when most ailments can be cured naturally?”

From that experience, Organika was founded in 1990 to give access to quality NHP’s at an affordable price to help global cultures master their health.

And today, Organika does just that – changing the landscape of health in a positive way across various cultures, one person and one step at a time. There have been trials, great successes and achievements over the years, and every one of them has brought Organika to this moment: on the cusp of achieving 25 years of success and momentum.

Company Timeline

2015 marks the 25th Anniversary for Organika.

Organika Health Products Inc. established!
With four main products, Tom began the establishment of Organika Health Products in Richmond, B.C., dedicated towards natural health products of quality, purity and potency that would optimize the health of others.
Glucosamine Sulfate as GLS-500TM produced, distributed.
Organika was the first Canadian company to introduce GLS to the market in order to optimize bone and joint function. This was quite the achievement, considering how difficult it was to establish patents and NPN’s for health products at the time. (Explain why) This development gave the momentum for Organika to develop Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes, the Liga-joint line, Melatonin, and the full range of CoQ10 supplements.
Tom receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award!
“Being recognized by your peers in the industry is one thing, but being recognized by people from outside the company as “Best company to work for” and “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” confirms my belief in the company and the people.”
-Thomas Chin

Entrepreneur of the Year was recognition from the people that Tom and Organika’s efforts were creating positive change among various cultures in terms of health. This distinction and the idea of rising above even larger companies gave Tom motivation to expand on research and development, the quality and size of Organika’s facilities, and efforts to create new and innovative products (like GLS-500 and Liga-Joint).

Organika Won Richmond’s Leadership Business Excellence award.
Again, to honour the entrepreneurs and organizations that help to make our city the growing economy and community that it is today.
Organika – Present Day
  • With over 544 registered NPN’s for complex and holistic formulas and certified organic foods in the industry.
  • After 25 years, Organika has expanded to four locations, over 110 employees, and exports to over 26 countries.
  • State of the art, expanded R&D facility in Richmond.
Organika Turns 25!
Stay tuned for your Birthday invite!