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Blog Articles Student Health Initiatives: HeWe Squats N’ Smoothies
3 students holding smoothie ingredients including vege-pro and maca

Student Health Initiatives: HeWe Squats N’ Smoothies

March 22, 2017

We know maintaining healthy habits can be a challenge for busy students; that’s why Organika partnered with HeWe, the Sauder School of Business health and wellness service, for a Squats N’ Smoothies event featuring Organika Vege-Pro plant based protein and Maca.

HeWe runs 2-3 events per month open to all Sauder students, as well as providing resources and inspiration for healthy living via their social media accounts.

Learn more about HeWe from our guest blogger and Sauder Health and Wellness Co-Chairperson, Emily Chen.

HeWe Logo of a cartoon Lemon

Sauder Health & Wellness (HeWe)

Meet Bob, your typical Sauder student. He overloads himself with school and clubs, runs on 5 hours of sleep, and consumes too much coffee and Triple-O’s. We’ve all been a Bob before…and that’s why we created HeWe! We thought, “What better way to do something meaningful in our last year at Sauder?”

We started with a simple mission: to help Sauder students enjoy healthier daily lives. At our events, we treat students to healthy free food, help them relieve stress, and educate them on how to #choosehealthy. We’ve found it so rewarding to host meaningful workshops, community lunches, stress-relieving karaoke nights and more. With Organika’s generous support, we also got students moving and feeling awesome at our Squats n’ Smoothies event.

Guy making smoothie in a blender

Girl holding smoothie

The response has been amazing; students loved HeWe’s efforts to help Sauderites stay healthy while having fun. Many have thanked our team members in person at every event. Other students have posted on our Facebook page, “HeWe’s existence is a blessing to us all.”

We could not do it without the support of UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society and our community partners like Organika. We look forward to continuing to make a meaningful impact on our students.

Guy and girl back to back holding smoothies after their squats event

Written by: Emily Chen


For more information about HeWe visit www.sauderhewe.com.

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