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Children’s Hospital Foundation

January 8, 2018
by: Aaron Chin – 2nd Generation Lead

We’ve had a long relationship with the Children’s Hospital at Organika. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the Children’s Hospital. I always remember my dad with Organika, supporting the hospital’s galas, and their different initiatives – and it’s wonderful that their ethics are parallel with our mission, to serve, contribute the better health of everyone – and children are a big part of that.

Children are our future generation; it’s important to invest in their wellbeing and health. We’ve worked with them for the last 28 – and we’re so excited about continuing to work with them. The Children’s hospital foundation is a world renown hospital who provide the best care possible. Their nurses are second to none; if you’ve ever been there you would have seen they don’t conform to the usual dress code, they’re in Disney scrubs, cartoon scrubs and it’s a really amazing feeling, a child, that you’re being taken care of there.

The money we have raised for our donation, was really down to the employees, here at Organika – it was their enthusiasm that made it happen. A couple of times a year we have a 50/50 draw and raffles for the staff, during our Christmas party and our Summer picnic, raising a fantastic amount of funds. We’ve enjoyed doing as much as we have, but we’ve got a lot more planned for the future. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team is working hard to plan out the year, regarding rolling out an event at least once a quarter, to support local initiatives that are parallel with our mission, to serve, contribute and inspire to the community’s good health. So, we will be working with Big Brothers, Big sisters, The Children’s Hospital as well as our very own OrganiGiving initiative, donating clothing, bedding and food to those in need in our hometown of Vancouver.

My Father, Tom, is very excited about it all. I think it brings him great joy that we’re carrying on what he started and growing upon that. Organika is more than just selling supplements, and organic foods, it’s about helping people positively and directly, locally and around the world. I feel that by giving back, paying it forward, to small communities we are really helping people’ health and wellbeing, and that is a joyful feeling – We can’t wait to do more.


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