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Blog Articles Quest Food Exchange 2018

Quest Food Exchange 2018

October 26, 2018
What is the Quest Food Exchange?

Quest Food Exchange is a non-for-profit organization that is on the front lines in the fight against food insecurity and climate change. Their mission to reduce hunger with dignity, build community and foster sustainability is advanced through our Food Recovery and Redistribution Program, in which quality surplus food and necessities are collected from suppliers at all levels of the food chain and redistributed through our five not-for-profit markets. In 2018, our un-audited figures show nearly 250,000 visits to our markets and recovered more than $9.68 million in surplus food and necessities.

Where are their markets located?

These markets are located in high need areas of four Lower Mainland communities – Surrey, Burnaby-New West, North Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Quest’s markets are designed to mirror a traditional grocery store with designated areas for fruit, vegetables, dairy, bread, meat, fish and a wide variety of non-perishable items, including organic, ethnic and gluten-free choices. Quest also stocks necessities such as health and hygiene items, household items and baby needs.

Work Opportunities and Initiatives

In addition to improving our client’s physical health, this model returns their client’s dignity and autonomy, increases their feelings of inclusion and improves their mental health and quality of life. Quest also offers work training opportunities to their clients to help build their marketable skills as they look to re-enter the workplace. Ultimately, Quest’s goal is to transition their clients from dependency to self-sufficiency.

“The work experience I gained while volunteering at Quest for approximately 2 years has prepared me for paid employment. More importantly, Quest gave me the time and space to grow and to learn skills that I will need in life to be successful, all wrapped up in an environment that is supportive and enjoyable to work in. I am immensely grateful for this.” – Former Quest volunteer

Organika’s Contribution with Quest Food Exchange

Earlier this year, we donated $20,000 worth of Organika products to Quest Food Exchange. We continue to support Quest’s mission to provide affordable and healthy foods to individuals who are in need.

If you are interested in getting involved with Quest or any questions on the programs, visit www.questoutreach.org.


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