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Blog Articles Innovation Award of The Year Recipients!

Innovation Award of The Year Recipients!

Author: Rhiannon Lytle | November 30, 2018

If you have had a chance to read this post, then you will know that we had been nominated for two (yes, two!) awards with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

We are grateful to have been nominated for Business Leadership of the Year Award, and even more grateful to have won the Innovation Award of the Year!

As the team anxiously awaited hearing “Organika” called out, hearts were pounding, especially for this award. At Organika, we pride ourselves in driving our business with our goals, values and mission. At the heart of it is you: our customers, and even our (hopefully) soon-to-be customers. 


You are our inspiration!

Our mission: to serve, inspire and contribute to your good health.

Our vision: to be the most trusted vitamin and diet supplement brand in Canada.

Each bottle of collagen that is sold, or new product that is created, has the heart and passion of hundreds of employees who want to ensure that you can make the most out of your health. We are proud to be recognized for our dedication to creating new and innovative products, and hope to do so for years to come!

We are excited to see what else 2019 has in store for Organika, and we are even more excited to take you with us.

We would love to hear what your favourite Organika products are, and what you would like to see from us next! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to tell us!


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