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Bundle Up for Immunity!

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We're bundling up for the cold weather! With cold and flu season right around the corner, we put together these RHN-approved bundles to help you live your healthy best through it all.

Throughout the month of November, shop our immunity bundles for 25% off, or create your own to suit your needs!

Proactive protection bundle

Two amazing immunity-supporting nutrients join forces to help you stay on top of your health, no matter what comes at you! Vitamin C is a rockstar antioxidant that helps the immune system combat attacks from colds and flus. Zinc is an essential trace mineral with many important roles in the body, including ensuring normal functioning of the immune cells.

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Get well soon bundle


Our favourite natural pick-me-ups, chicken bone broth and bee propolis are essentials for those run-down days. Feel like you're coming down with something? Stay home to protect others and reach for this bundle to warm up, soothe throat infection, and take in some much-needed nutrients.

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We also couldn't leave our plant-based friends out! Check out the Plant-based Get Well Soon bundle, featuring Veggie Broth and Superfood C+ for a vitamin-rich combo to help you get up and back at it!


Rest and destress bundle


Immunity is a complex puzzle, but one thing is for sure: making sure you're well-rested is essential. Relieve tension and get the rest you need with this calming bundle featuring Ashwagandha and magnesium.

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Stay safe and healthy!

The Organika Team