Comment je reste en bonne santé à la maison

Milli Fox

I know all Canadians are trying their best during these unprecedented times where we’re doing our civil duty by staying home. We’re all in this together! I also believe it’s a very special time in which we need to learn to cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves a healthy dose of self-compassion.

Personally, I am trying my best to stick to some sort of a routine and making sure to do the things I normally do that make me feel good. One of those things is giving my health some serious attention. As a Nutritionist, and especially being 33 weeks pregnant, I know keeping my immune system and general health in top notch condition is a top priority.

Adjusting my routines

Prior to COVID-19, I was enjoying Organika’s Enhanced Collagen in my coffee every morning as part of my supplement routine, along with my prenatal vitamins. Now, I’ve taken it up a level: I enjoy a freshly juiced shot of ginger, turmeric and lemon with my prenatal vitamin and zinc pill for its immune boosting properties – all before coffee!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of previewing Organika’s brand new FAV Collagen Cookie, baked freshly in Vancouver. This cute little package of three collagen cookies is now part of my late morning coffee routine. I love this new way to get my daily dose of collagen because it’s a guilt-free treat! I especially love the double chocolate flavour, because you know I need my chocolate. With less than 3g of sugar, 4g of hydrolyzed collagen that’s free from antibiotics and hormones, and 11g or more of high-quality protein, it feels more like self-care than self-indulgence.

Getting a daily dose of collagen

Collagen has been a part of my routine for years and I take it for many reasons. I started taking collagen mainly for its role in supporting a healthy intestinal lining. Having a healthy gut is hugely supportive in a mental health journey, which I feel we’re all currently on right now. I believe collagen played a key role in helping me improve both my digestive health and my struggles with anxiety and depression.

I also love the fact that collagen helps maintain healthy joints, and supports firm, smooth skin and stronger hair and nails (hello beauty from the inside out)! Needless to say, I feel good about taking collagen and I also love that Organika sources its Enhanced Collagen from grass-fed cows.

Savouring the little moments

Honestly, this time spent at home has really helped me savour all the little moments and spend a lot more time mindfully focusing on gratitude. I’m so grateful for the privilege I have to be able to spend this time focusing on my health. I know it’s easy to spiral and think of all the “what-ifs” in such an uncertain time. However, I know that in the grand scheme of things, this will become a distant memory one day. Yes, I’m sure there will be permanent marks left on our day-to-day life, but we always can always choose to see the silver lining. Let’s be generous towards ourselves and use this time as an opportunity to learn valuable skills in taking better care of ourselves that we can carry for life!