Organika Scholarship

At Organika, we are committed to nurturing the inquisitive minds dedicated to advancing health and wellness

We champion those with a passion for making a meaningful impact in the industry, supporting both lifelong learners and emerging leaders striving to cultivate and enrich our community's well-being.

We Foster a Culture of Learning That:

• Cultivates a healthier community through active engagement and participation.

• Enhances accessibility to natural health and wellness resources.

• Promotes action-oriented approaches with clear strategies to achieve goals and objectives.

Organika believes that empowering individuals to embrace curiosity and explore the possibilities of healthy living is the most direct path to holistic well-being. We believe in fostering momentum and facilitating educational opportunities.

Our scholarship program is designed for individuals committed to investing in the advancement of health and wellness, both personally and within their communities.

Key Details of the Organika Scholarship

We accept one application per applicant per fiscal year (September 1 – August 31)

The scholarship amount is $500

Applicants must be 18 years or older, studying in the field of health and wellness, and residing in Canada

We chose 4 recipients

How We choose

• Passion for Health and Wellness demonstrates a genuine interest and passion for health and wellness through their extracurricular activities, community involvement, or personal experiences.

• Leadership: contributions to promoting health and wellness within their community.

• Financial Need: needs financial assistance to pursue their education in the health and wellness field.

• Career Aspirations: aspire to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of others through their chosen career path.

• Personal Statement or Essay: motivation, goals, and experiences related to health and wellness.

• Letters of Recommendation: provided by teachers, mentors, or community leaders to understand the abilities and potential positive impact in the health and wellness field.

• Diversity and Inclusion: we welcome and embrace different backgrounds, cultures, and identities to ensure equitable access to scholarship opportunity.

If you are interested in Organika’s Scholarship program and you would like to share with us some information about your health and wellness educational pursuit, please submit the form below.

If you have any questions about the program, please email [email protected].