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Product Spotlight! Enhanced Collagen Vitality

The Organika Team

That's right; our Enhanced Collagen has met its "Matcha"

Introducing our latest member of our Collagen family, Enhanced Collagen Vitality! Collagen Vitality is the envy of our collagen family, packed full of powerful antioxidants, energy and mood-boosting constituents and an amino-rich functional food benefiting not only our exterior features ( hair, skin, nails ) but our digestion, immunity and overall health. So what makes our latest Collagen product so amazing? Matcha – that's right, we added the potent antioxidant-rich powerhouse matcha to our collagen and here are a few of the reasons why! Let us begin with what Matcha is!

What is Matcha?

"Matcha" the word itself means: Powdered tea in Japanese and originated in Japan.  Green tea is known to come from the tea plant " Camellia Sinensis", which is a shrub that is natively grown in Southern China.  Due to its lack of processing, green tea is one of the most nutrient dense teas on the market!  Well known for its incredible ability to calm and stimulate our mind at the same time, Matcha is also packed with antioxidants – more than any other source of food. Matcha tea goes through a specific process to ensure its colour and potency.  It is during the growing cycle that Matcha leaves are shaded at the end to reduce sun exposure and to increase the chlorophyll.  Chlorophyl is a known powerhouse detoxifier, as well as it is what gives the leaves their dark rich green colour. Alongside being chlorophyll rich, Matcha is loaded with antioxidants such as EGCg- ( over 60 % ) which are known to help counteract the effects of free radicals in the body, help prevent cell & DNA damage from toxins, radiation and even pollution in our body.  Antioxidants play a huge role in binding to the free radicals in our body and help restore our well being and balance.    Another great benefit of Matcha and its high level of EGCg is its unique effect on our metabolism.  Many weight loss supplements contain EGCg for its potent effect on boosting our metabolism as well as being a natural Thermogenic. ( increase fat burning ) .  Unlike some supplements on the market that can cause an increase in your blood pressure, affect your adrenal glands from the high amounts of caffeine found in them and other health concerns, Matcha doesn't affect our body in a " stimulating" way with the unwanted effects. Matcha is known to contain L-Theanine, an amino acid that acts as a natural " anti-anxiety " within the body.  The role of this amino acid in our body is to promote the feeling of relaxation and calmness while helping reduce the levels of cortisol ( our stress hormone ) and improving cognitive function.  L- Theanine has been shown to increase moods, help with concentration as well as improve your memory – all things that can be affected when we are under high amounts of stress. Even though Matcha naturally contains caffeine ( around 32.5mg per gram ) – 1/3 of caffeine in a cup of brewed coffee, it affects our body in a non-stimulating way.  Matcha has been shown to produce a much longer and more sustained amount of energy than other drinks that naturally contain caffeine and won't cause jitteriness or leave you with a crash in energy.  The amino acid L-Theanine also plays a role in this. Besides Matchas amazing natural energy and antioxidant-rich properties, matcha is also a great of vitamins A, B, C, E and K.  It naturally contains trace minerals essential for healthy skin, a strong immune system, increase in our metabolism and even helpful in fighting off certain diseases within the body. It sounds like a superfood doesn't it?  Well, Matcha comes close and pairing with Collagen makes it even better! As you know, collagen is essential for healthy and glowing skin, for active and healthy joints as well as even playing a considerable role in our digestive health and immunity.  Collagen has come a long way since just being used for beauty purposes; Collagen is a staple in many peoples health regime, mine included. The combination of Enhanced Collagen and Matcha seems so perfect!  A perfect combination of protein-rich, skin enhancing vitamins, antioxidants and nutrient-rich combo that leaves you feeling enhanced, focused and energised without the jitters. A natural addition to your health routine, enhanced collagen vitality can be added to your smoothies, energy balls or even created into your coconut collagen matcha in the morning. For more amazing recipes on this powerhouse collagen, check our website and follow our social media for the latest recipes.   -Chelan Wilkins, RHN- Busy mother of two, and Organika’s National Education Trainer.