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Why add blue matcha to your daily routine?

Rhiannon Lytle

Unless you’re living in 2010, you’ve probably heard of matcha powder. You know, that vibrant green powder that comes from ground up green tea leaves? So if you’re wondering: “How can we have blue matcha, too?”... well, we’re about to tell you. blue matcha Blue matcha is created by grinding up a leaf, similar to how we make green matcha! In this case, it’s the leaf from the Butterfly Pea Flower. Another similarity to green matcha? Blue matcha has been used in ancient cultures and traditional practices for its apparent healing powers. However, it does differ from green tea! Unlike green matcha powder, or even the the green tea leaf, the Butterfly Pea Flower doesn’t have any caffeine in it! Meaning you can drink it morning, noon and night, and not have it affect your night's sleep. In fact, there are studies being done (as blue matcha starts to gain steam), that show it can help you to relax and de-stress.  Therefore if you are caffeine sensitive, or just like to avoid it altogether, but want the creaminess that comes with matcha, this is for you! Another difference? Green matcha is also typically used in traditional practices in Chinese and Japanese cultures, while blue matcha is prominently used in Southeast Asian countries and in Ayurvedic medicine practices.

Blue matcha butterfly pea flower

So, why should you use it?
There is still research that needs to be done on the Butterfly Pea Flower. However, can look to blue matcha's historical uses to give us a good understanding of why we should incorporate it into our daily routine. 

Here are few reasons why you should try Blue Matcha:

  1. As a mood-booster. In ancient ayurvedic practices, Butterfly Pea Flower has been regularly used to those with depression, anxiety, and to promote a more generally stressed state. 
  2. To enhance memory: Current research is looking into the use of Butterfly Pea Flower as a Nootropic.
  3. Balancing blood glucose levels: Studies on diabetic mice have shown that it administering a serum from butterfly pea flower can lower their blood glucose levels.
What are some ways to use Blue Matcha?
  • In a tea, similar to how you would use plain green matcha
  • Adding it to smoothies or yogurt
  • As a food die for icings
  • Clothing die (however, it will wash out eventually)

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