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Home Products Calcium D-Glucarate

Calcium D-Glucarate

Helps support the liver’s detoxification pathway (glucuronidation).


  • Liver protection
  • Supports detoxification pathway

60 capsules

  • Q: Can you confirm the source of your Calcium D-Glucarate?
    • A: We source our Calcium D-Glucarate from India.
  • Q: What is D-Glucarate?
    • A: It is gluraric acid (glucose and nitric acid)
  • Q: Isn’t Calcium D-Glucarate recommended mainly for liver support?
    • A: Inattention to your question, yes it is known for liver support. We also promote Calcium D-Glucarate for bone loss according to NPN approved by Health Canada.


… that D-Glucarate = glutaric acid (glucose and nitric acid)?