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Taheebo Tea

Original Brazilian Pau d’Arco.


Taheebo Tea known as Pau d’Arco is a loose leaf bark tea sourced from South America.

  • Non-caffeinated and gluten-free tea,  which can help to balance energy levels.
  • Sourced from Brazilian bark known to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature.
  • Great alternative to coffee, and other sugary beverages that provides great anti-bacterial benefit to the GI tract.


We have contributed so much, helping so many people over the decades and now it’s time for the next generation to carry on what we’ve built. -Unknown

Features Ingredients

Taheebo Tea is sustainably sourced from the South American Amazon forests from Pau D’Arco tree bark and is believed to have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effects on the digestive tract for better function.

Brewed in a few minutes, Taheebo Tea is caffeine and sugar-free.


Ingredients: Pure Taheebo loose bark

DIRECTIONS: Place 1 or 2 heaping teaspoon(s) of Taheebo Tea into a china or glass teapot for each cup of tea that is required. Add boiling water and let steep for 5 to 10 minutes depending on desired strength. Keep the teapot covered when steeping your tea to preserve freshness.

I have been used by the ancient Incas in South America for thousands of years, and today is traditionally used as a herbal remedy.