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Organika is dedicated to producing high-quality natural health solutions to serve, inspire and contribute to your good health.

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The Organika Story

With his first child on the way, and not wanting to go the surgical route for his painful kidney stones, Thomas Chin turned to a natural solution on advice from a good friend. Armed with a recipe of blending a cut of turmeric and a pound of parsley then mixing with one part juice and one part water, Thomas was amazed to find that his kidney stones had passed naturally in just three days.

It was this natural healing that inspired him to share that same knowledge with others and so Organika was born. Nearly three decades later, Organika has grown from a small business with four products to a globally-recognized brand offering more than 600 premium natural health solutions.

Today, Organika continues to lead the way with innovative products, effective natural health solutions and superior customer service – all dedicated to ensuring happier, healthier living for those who want to experience a natural solution.


Take a Trip Through Time

Company Timeline










With four main products (Coenzyme Q10, Garlic, Korean Red Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba), Organika Health Products® was born.

“The concept for Organika started with a full circle. While laying down in a grassy field years ago, armed with a pen and paper, I drew a globe with the name “Organika.” “Organic” being from the Earth, and “ka” which is what Bahasa Malay, the language of my birthplace, replaces “C” and “K” sounds with. ” -Thomas Chin, Founder


Organika® starts its own manufacturing and production to oversee every step of the process and ensure the quality of its products from start to finish.

“This was a critical step in the evolution of our company to ensure we controlled all stages of manufacturing to ensure what’s on the bottle, was in the bottle.” – Thomas Chin, Founder


Organika® became one of the first companies in Canada to receive a third-party accreditation as a Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility.

“This was a major milestone in quality for us, which ensured we were audited by a third-party body for all processes of our manufacturing.” – Thomas Chin, Founder


The Natural Product Number (NPN) is created by Health Canada to ensure all product claims are backed by clinically proven studies. With over 200 NPN’s granted in its first year of regulation, Organika became one of the leaders of the most acquired NPN’s within Canada.

“We were excited about this new regulatory framework from Health Canada, as it helped our industry in Canada become one of the world leaders in natural health regulations.” – Thomas Chin, Founder


We moved into a 40,000 square-foot facility to accommodate the ever-growing Organika team.



As we celebrated our 25th year, we also opened up a 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility that combined two previous buildings and helped increase our capacity for production.

“This was a major milestone for us moving from 3 separate facilities into 2 that are close to each other. It has helped us get more efficient in providing natural solutions faster to our retail partners.” – Thomas Chin, Founder


We opened 10,000 square-foot distribution centre in Scarborough, Ontario to offer quicker shipments to our eastern retailers.

“After many years we finally made it out East! This ensures we are giving better a better customer experience, which we felt was an improvement we could make.” – Thomas Chin, Founder

Brand Renewal

Organika releases its Brand Renewal Initiative.  Our original globe logo changes to a circular watermark symbolizing the full circle of sustainability and better health throughout the Earth, which started Organika, and is still the major theme that drives the company forward today. Organika also changes its slogan of “Truth in a Bottle,” to “Your Natural Solution.”

“It brings a tear to my eye seeing the evolution of our branding representing the amazing changes and direction we are heading.” – Thomas Chin, Founder

Our Company

At Organika, we believe many ailments can be lessened and – in some cases – cured through natural healing. This is a main focus of what we call “whole health”. Want to know more about us? Meet our team and see how our commitment to natural healing keeps us moving forward.

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Low-quality health products from overnight companies can actually harm your health. Discover how we manage and maintain some of the highest quality standards in the natural health industry.

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Meet our inspirational ambassadors who are honoured to be a part of your natural solutions.

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