“Ailments can be cured naturally, which we believe should be the focus of whole health. This was – and still is – our promise to you.” -- Dr Thomas Chin

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Who We Are

Organika is a family-owned and operated Canadian company dedicated to providing natural health solutions that will improve the health of people locally and around the world. That’s why we continuously educate and encourage our consumers to seek the highest quality natural health solutions for their good health and well-being.

“It was nearly 30 years ago that our father started Organika to empower others and help them heal naturally. It brings us all great joy that we, as a family and with our family of retail partners, are still able to share in that same mission today.” – Jordan, 2nd Generation Leader

We're Global

And there’s a reason for that!

Not only was there a globe in our original logo, we also apply global thinking to the products we make and the lives we change. We see global as being a multi-faceted approach with multiple benefits.

We recognize that to truly thrive in the Canadian marketplace and embody Canadian principles, we must appreciate and apply all the strengths, capabilities, insights and innovative ideas of our team to better support our business practices.

So what does this include?

  • Our sources: for us, nothing is better than the original. We seek to source from the country where the raw material originates from.
  • Our practices: cutting-edge scientific research, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and homeopathy are among the leading practices that we incorporate in order to create innovative and effective products.
  • Our diversity: our family of employees hail from all corners of the globe, including Canada, Germany, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Russia, Iraq, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Taiwan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, USA and Brazil.
  • Our distribution: with distribution to 26 countries, our high-quality natural products are available to cultures around the world.

With distribution from countries like Ghana, Vietnam, and the USA, you can find Organika in virtually every corner of the world.

Our Commitment

Mission: To serve, inspire, and contribute to your good health.

Vision: To be the most trusted vitamin and dietary supplement brand in Canada.

Core Values:

  • People First – Leading by example through servant leadership.
  • Unity – Working together towards one goal through honesty, integrity, and openness.
  • Positive Mindset – Staying positive and thankful in all situations.
  • Whole Health – Believing that health is all encompassing through body, mind and spirit.