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NPN 80043787 60, 120, 240 vegetarian capsules Goutrin helps relieve pain and inflammation associated with Gout. Benefits: Helps lower uric acid levels responsible for gout flare-ups Helps relieve joint pain, stiffness and inflammation around joints Combination of 5 potent ingredients containing antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress on joints

Goutrin: The Pain Free Solution For Joints

It’s time we talked gout, and about joint pain that affects many of us. Ever woken up with a stiff neck? How about right now, is your back stiff from sitting at your computer, currently reading this article? For the most part, we all experience joint pain to some degree … READ MORE

Very Cherry Smoothie for Gout

Get the scoop on tart cherry juice and gout, plus one delicious way to eat more cherries Nobody wants gout. It’s excruciating joint pain, debilitating at times and hard on your kidneys. So, it’s only fair that something as delicious as cherries could help right? Tart cherry juice and gout … READ MORE

Combat Gout with a Low Uric Acid Diet

Help to reduce symptoms of gout by following a low uric acid diet. Gout is an extremely painful form of arthritis caused by crystallized uric acid accumulating in the joints. The good news however, is that diet and lifestyle changes can help! By following the guidelines of a healthy low … READ MORE

How to Deal with Gout

Struggling with gout and wondering what to do about it? Get the answers to your questions and learn how to deal with gout naturally. If you’ve been diagnosed with gout, you’d probably do almost anything to avoid the excruciating joint pain that comes with an attack. Determining which natural therapies … READ MORE

ORGANIKA: Gout Remedies

Organika® breaks down the origins and forms of gout, as well as characteristic gout symptoms. Additionally, this article delves into the powerful effects of Goutrin™ and Cherry Concentrate on reducing gout inflammation, pain and frequency.

It’s Trade Show Season

As we turn 25, celebrate with us at these upcoming trade shows and events. As we emerge from Winter and shake off the cold, we are excited to be springing into one of our favourite times of the year: trade show season! That being said, we’d love to share a … READ MORE

Organika to launch 8 supplements in U.S.A.

Organika products are heading to the U.S. in 2013! In early spring, when the Canadian Geese will be flying back home to Canada, Organika will be launching their health supplement products in the U.S. at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim. Of the 500 progressive health supplements Canadians know … READ MORE