Men's Health - Movember

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In general, men don't like going to the doctor. They know they should exercise more, eat better and improve their health but it seems like a giant mountain to climb. They've tried (and failed) in the past and without any clear direction on "how" to do it from their doctor, they simply decide to ignore it (often subconsciously). The top two reasons men will voluntarily go to the doctor is when their health has deteriorated so much it interferes with their work life or sex life.

Most men will say "I am healthy", yet if ask a few more questions you'll likely find they struggle with poor sleep, low energy, chronic pain, bouts of low mood, sub-par libido, etc. Unfortunately, most men think they need to overhaul their routine to get a significant benefit and thus choose not to make changes. I've been amazed in clinical practice how making small changes can yield to very BIG results.


If you're tired, overweight or in poor health simply start lowering the carbs in your diet (go for higher protein and fat options) and make sure avoid extra sugar in your coffee, tea or drinks. Make time for regular movement; walk to work (or when playing golf) or take the stairs to stay fit, play in the playground with your kids or find an activity with friends or family you enjoy and can commit to on a weekly basis. Finally, get more sleep. Did you know lack of sleep can reduce testosterone levels by 15-20%? Better blood sugar control and get more rest is easy ways to feel like a superstar without countless hours in the gym. 


Men's health is about feeling vibrant, energetic and waking up ready to attack the day. It's about feeling strong, robust and prepared to take on any challenges. Write down 3 areas you'd like to upgrade in your life, and commit to making some small changes over the month of November. I can almost guarantee you'll feel better than you have in a long time!

marc bubbs

Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, CISSN, CSCS

Dr. Marc Bubbs is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Sports Nutrition Lead for the Canadian Men's Basketball Team, and author of The Paleo Project.