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8 Amazing Tips for Dealing with Stress

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How to take care of yourself to make dealing with stress easier

Stress shows up every day in some way, shape or form. Stress at work, stress at home, or stress in your relationship. Whatever the cause, taking the time to unwind is essential for dealing with your stress.

Keep relaxation on your radar, and use these tips to manage stress:

1. Disconnect
Always being attached to your cell phone and social media can prevent you from being in the moment. Smartphones allow work emails, and social comments to reach you 24/7 demanding your attention and feedback. Social media can also contribute to comparative syndrome contributing to low self-esteem and creating even more stress. Take some time to disconnect, whether it’s once a week or an hour or two each week.
2. Journal
Writing down your feelings can be a great way to release emotions. Make a habit of journaling to get into the routine of self-reflection. Writing your feelings down can help you to make more sense of the stress you’re experiencing, or provide a cathartic release to feelings you’d withheld during hard times.
3. Exercise
Moving your body helps to produce the feel-good endorphins that leave you glowing and happy after a workout. Making time to exercise in your busy schedule is important for managing stress. Schedule your workouts in as non-negotiables. Exercise is amazing for mental and physical health.
4. Laugh
Making time to do things that make you laugh can really help to turn your mood around. Watch a funny movie, spend a night with friends that make you laugh or head to a comedy show for some much-needed laughter therapy.
5. Eat Healthy Food
Neglecting your health is a common downfall that comes with being weighed down by stress. Maybe you reach for comfort foods (sweets or starchy carbs) or maybe you just can’t afford the time to make a healthy meal. Whatever your reasoning is, eating healthy can actually help to keep your mood balanced so you’re on top of your game. Eating a poor diet can contribute to spikes and falls in blood sugar as well as digestive discomfort which can leave you feeling uncomfortable, irritable or low in energy. Try easy-to-use and nutritious products like Bone Broth Powder for a quick and simple way to eat healthily.
6. Sleep
Stress can disrupt your sleep patterns, energy levels, and immunity. Making sure you sleep as much as you can during times of stress is a necessary part of self-care. Going to bed earlier in the evening (around 9 or 10) is ideal for deep sleep while maintaining a strict schedule of 7-9 hours of rest can help your body to recuperate so you’re prepared to handle daily stresses with ease. A product like Enhanced Collagen Relax contain ingredients like L-theanine and Magnesium, which can help sleep cycles and rest.  
7. Take "Me Time"
Remember to take “me time”. Personal time is all about you, and that can be anything you want. Maybe relaxation means taking a warm bath, reading a book or heading outside for a walk. Taking the time to do the things that make you feel calm are important. Prioritizing your needs isn’t selfish. If you feel fulfilled you’ll likely be able to complete your other work or help those you care about more efficiently because you’ll be a happier person.
8. Supplement with collagen
Collagen contains the amino acid glycine. Glycine is known to help promote deeper sleep and to help boost energy levels. Even better, Glycine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, a chemical in the brain that stops the fight or flight response, calms the brain and helps balances your mood.

What are your tips for relaxation?