Q: Does Organika sell direct to consumers?

A: Yes, shop our products 

Q: What does Organika mean?

A: Back in the late 80’s, organic meant from the earth and natural. When thinking of a name, our founder, Thomas Chin, was trying to find a word that would represent his dream of providing natural solutions to health problems. Read the rest of the story in our timeline here.

Q: Are all your products organic?

A: Some of our products are Certified Organic, but there are a few that are not. It is possible that those that are not certified may be organically grown, however the cost of certification for small scale farmers may be too high. In that case, the product was grown organically, but may not be certified on a technical basis.

Q: Are all your products Non-GMO?

A: Yes! For the last 5 years, due in part to customer demand and our quest to ensure product integrity, we have been progressively sourcing more Non-GMO materials for our products. As of 2017, we are pleased to say that we are now sourcing 100 percent Non-GMO materials.

Q: Do you test your products for heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, contaminants, etc?

A: Organika tests every single product five to seven times for up to 120 different parameters before it reaches store shelves. We follow testing parameters set by Health Canada that include heavy metals, pesticides, micro-contaminants, algal toxins and identity. We test at a ISO17025 and GLP certified third-party labs to ensure an unbiased review of our products. Learn more here.

Q: Where are Organika products sourced from?

A: Our first priority is to always source the product from where it is natively grown. As a result, over the past 25 years, we have built many trusted and long-standing relationships with renowned suppliers from all over the world who use sustainable farming methods and production processes. We source our products from more than 20-plus different countries, then produce them in our facility in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada).

Q: Who owns Organika?

A: We have been a privately-owned family business since our inception in 1990. Learn more here.

Q: How does having sourcing, manufacturing and packaging under the same company benefit customers?

A: It’s simple really: it helps to keep costs down – savings that we can pass on to our customers. In the manufacturing world, it’s called having economies of scale in that we own all the processes of our manufacturing, distribution and sales teams. Many companies rely on other companies to produce their products for them, which can add another layer of costs that are usually passed on to consumers. These same companies also use brokers and distributors that also require payment – another cost to be added. Before it gets to you – the customer – the product is likely marked up by as much as 60 percent to cover off all those other cost layers. By having our own production, distribution and sales teams in place, we are able to pass those savings to you, which also improves accessibility to high-quality natural health solutions.

Q: Why are there color variations in different batches of your products?

A: Color variations commonly occur among many natural products. There are different factors that contribute to this: the time of the year the product was harvested, the country of origin, enzyme activity, weather, oxidation and other factors. Since we’re not a pharmaceutical company, Organika does not use artificial colouring to mask these naturally occurring differences to get the same color product in every batch. The purity, efficacy and quality of each batch is still guaranteed though.

Q: Where is your magnesium stearate sourced from?

A: Magnesium stearate used in our products is from a Non-GMO sustainably sourced palm oil.

Q: Where are Organika Health Products manufactured?

A: Organika Health Products are manufactured in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada) at our own GMP Health Canada site-licensed facility. Learn more about our vertically controlled processes here.

Q: Are your products free of allergens such as soy, gluten, dairy, yeast, nuts, etc?

A: We choose our ingredients very carefully and do our best to minimize the use of any potentially allergenic substances where possible. However, we do have some products that contain these allergens although we employ a stringent GMP allergen program to ensure any allergens are not cross-contaminated. We recommend that you always check the label to ensure what allergens may be present.

Q: Are your products produced in a nut-free facility?

A: Yes! Our products are packaged and produced in a nut-free facility.

Q: What are your veggie-caps made of?

A: They are 100% Non-GMO vegetable-sourced from sustainable bamboo stem.

Q: Are your regular gelatin caps bovine source?

A: Yes! All our gelatin capsules are bovine sourced and certified halal and Non-GMO.

Q: Are your products tested on animals?

A: Organika is a cruelty-free brand. We don’t test any of our products on animals.