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Blog Articles How can meal planning help you settle into a routine?
meal planning

How can meal planning help you settle into a routine?

Author: Amy Wilson | September 17, 2019

Getting into the swing of things may be a bit of a struggle following a summer of late nights, rich food and socializing. Now that the fun days of summer have come to an end, September brings us time to slow down, re-connect and set intentions. September is a great time of the year to get back into your routines, recreate healthy habits, and challenge yourself by bringing your health goals to the next level.

Getting back into a routine takes time and consistency. Below are a just a couple helpful tricks that can help you transition more efficiently.

Plan out your week and stick to it

Keep a journal or a whiteboard calendar in your household and write out what things need to be done during the week and when. Include work, school, important dates, and even your planned workouts. Planning workouts in advance will give you a greater chance of making sure they happen. Planning in general can reduce anxiety by giving us structure and control over our day to day. Keep in mind, life happens, and routine can change in a heartbeat; and that’s okay. Remember that it is okay to start again when you are ready.

Have meal plans ready and food prepped

It’s worth it to take time on the weekend to invest in your healthy eating for the week. To make this easier, go to the grocery store prepared with a list. When cooking meals, try doubling the recipe so you have lunches for the next day. Wash and cut up fruits and veggies keeping them ready for easy access when packing lunches or feeling hungry. Having your eating balanced and clean will help with energy levels during busy weeks. During the upcoming change in season, try and incorporate a nutrient dense food into your routine such as bone broth to help you stay better protected from illness.

Your body and mind prefer consistency and routine. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day are good examples of routines that will elevate your health. Be sure to add a little time for self care into your daily planning. Do things that makes you happy and relaxed. September is a great time to set intentions for health goals, but remember that while doing so, balance is key!

Take care, live happy, live healthy!

Amy Wilson

Get a jump start on your meal planning with this wholesome bowl!

Plant-based Bowlmeal planning
Based on recipe by @eatyoungnutrition

You will need:

Cook brown rice and set aside. You can add bone broth powder when cooking the rice to add some extra nutrients!

Bake one package of firm, pressed tofu on an oiled baking sheet for 25 minutes at 200°C. Set aside. Mix together 2 tbsp. coconut sauce, 2 tbsp. sesame oil, 2 tsp. chili sauce and 1/4 cup almond butter. This is the sauce. Marinate 1/3 of the sauce with the cooked tofu while you prepare the veggies.

Toss 1 small head chopped broccoli, a handful of green beans and 2 cloves of minced garlic in a bit of olive oil over medium heat.

On a separate skillet, cook the tofu with the sauce until the edges are golden.

Finally, assemble purple cabbage, the cooked veggies and tofu + extra sauce around the edges of your bowl. Spoon a hearty amount of rice in the middle, then top with sesame and pumpkin seeds. Enjoy this nourishing plant-based bowl!



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