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10 At Home Beauty Tips

Katia Kramble

In today's daily norm, it’s unfortunately way too easy to get caught up in the cycle of constantly being on the go. Just like our morning coffees, we often search outside of our homes to find the perfect beauty fix. We feel the need to book appointments (that we often rush to and from) in order to get that temporary beauty fix that we all need from time to time. But what if I told you that some of the best long term beauty hacks are located inside your own home? Try out these 10 at home beauty tips and tricks to truly bring out the YOU in bea(you)tiful:

1. Make time for yourself and your coffee

Whether this means getting up a little earlier or skipping your morning scroll through social media, rushed mornings are stressful and will not only drain your emotions, but also your overall beauty.

2. Meditate

I'm sure we’ve all heard the of it and are familiar with the typical excuses of why
people deter from doing it. You don’t have to be spiritual, nor a professional nor carve out too much time from your day to do it. Just give yourself some time to breathe. Breathing increases the oxygen flow within your body, which in turn rejuvenates your skin, slowing down the process of aging.

3. Start your day with warm lemon water

Life gave us lemons, so why not make use of all their vitamins? This combination helps to replenish and balance our skin cells, leaving them firmer and tighter. Essentially, it’s the best way to achieve the appearance of plump, rejuvenated skin and a healthy glow!

4. Invest in a silk pillow case

Yes, you deserve it! Combined with a cup of Organika’s Serenity, not only will your body thank you for the 5-star sleep experience, but you’ll also find your hair to be less frizzy, and your skin to appear smoother. Thanks to the smooth texture, silk doesn’t absorb any moisture from your skin, leaving it more hydrated (& making your bedtime serum more effective).

5. Don’t underestimate the power of chamomile

Not only does it make for a nice moment of calm before bed, but it also works as a great de-puffer! Place a few damp teabags in the fridge overnight and apply them to your eyes in the mornings to sooth out puffiness.

6. Practice Posture

Did you know that the way you hold yourself can actually make you appear more beautiful? Good posture helps to keep our joints aligned, reducing aches and
fatigue, and also lengthens our appearances. While its easier said than done, there are plenty of quick and easy posture workouts to follow at home, online!

7. Scalp massages

We put our heads and minds through a lot in a day, the least we can do is show them some love in return. This can be done while stuck in traffic or while waiting for
your morning brew. A little bit will go a long way and I promise that your hair will thank you in inches for the increased circulation and blood flow you give it.

8. Smile!

Call me cheesy, but your smile will forever be your prettiest asset. I am not here to tell you to hop on the influencer bandwagon and get one of those blue light whitening tools. However, I will advocate that you show off your smile more.

While it is true that a whiter smile can enhance your appearance, adding a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder with water until it turns into a paste and brushing for a couple minutes prior to your normal routine will do just the trick. Now you can show off those pearly whites! :)

9. Unplug

It's easy to get caught up in the cycle of always being online, but the best you can do is be mindful of your screen time before bed. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of off time before you sleep. The next best piece of advice is to invest in a pair of blue light glasses.

10. Practice Positivity

Last but not least, and my favourite beauty tip of all times - the ultimate PP: Practice Positivity! As silly as it sounds, standing in front of the mirror and appreciating yourself will have a stronger impact on you than your 10 am facial appointment. I promise.

Wishing you all a beautiful and healthy stay at home!