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5 Healthy Habits to Support Your Immunity

The Organika Team

We’re hearing a lot about the immune system these days, and for good reason. It’s the body’s line of defense against disease! While washing your hands often, practicing social distancing, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces daily are still the best steps you can take to protect yourself, here are some tips to help keep your immunity thriving through it all:

1. Eat well

The body needs nourishment and fresh is best. Fruit and vegetables are key, so is gut health. Zinc, magnesium and Vitamin C are good things to load up on, as are all foods that reduce inflammation. Nuts and seeds, citrus fruits, leafy greens and bone broth should be staples.

2. Get enough sleep

There are so many reasons to make sleep a priority (as if you needed an excuse to take a nap!) Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep, stress levels are reduced, we’re in better moods and our waking hours are more productive when we’re well rested.

3. Reduce alcohol consumption

With all that’s going on in the news, it’s tempting to pour ourselves a quarantini to take the edge off. While the odd glass of wine is okay, don’t overdo it. If you're really feeling the pressure, get creative! Why not make yourself a relaxing magnesium elixir or a collagen-boosting margarita instead?

4. Get some sun

Fresh air is key, if possible. Take a solo walk and get a little vitamin D when the sun is shining. This may be hard to accomplish while avoiding social contact - if you need a little extra help getting the amount of vitamin D you need, our Serenity powder combines it with magnesium bisglycinate, a match made in supplement heaven. That way, you can give your body the support it needs from these two oh-so-important nutrients and help relieve all that tension your muscles have been holding while you’re at it.

5. Get some exercise

Blood flow and movement are important, especially when you’re stuck at home. Download a couple of yoga videos, go for a jog or do a push-up or plank challenge. Get those endorphins pumping - and remember to treat yourself when you're done! Maybe a baking sesh is in order?