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5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Fertility

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Is pregnancy in your near or not-so-near future goals? Read on for some surprising ways healthy habits can support your fertility! 

1. Managing stress to boost fertility

Stress is at the root of many chronic illness and can cause dysregulation in our entire system – especially our steroid hormones (i.e., our sex hormones). When our body is stressed and releases cortisol, our body can put other systems on the back burner. This includes digestion and reproduction, meaning that our reproductive hormones won’t be expressed in the same way when we are chronically stressed.

Stress management products to boost fertility

Stress management products that can help you:

2. Avoiding refined sugars to boost fertility

Many hormone imbalances can be linked to blood sugar dysregulation. Excessive amounts of sugar spike our insulin hormone. Insulin then moves excess blood sugar to our liver and fat cells for later use.

When we eat foods that contain high amounts of sugar (to our body, this doesn’t mean just plain old sugar – think carbohydrate-rich foods too), our body has to continuously produce insulin to meet this demand, which can result in something called “insulin resistance”. Insulin resistance is heavily tied to female hormonal issues like PCOS.

Low-sugar products to boost fertility

Low-sugar products that can help you:

  • FÄV Keto Mini Cookies: a low-sugar alternative to sweet treats, these tasty cookies only contain 1 g of sugar per serving, while also incorporating healthy fats.
  • Instant C Effervescent: skip the sugar-filled fruit juices and reach for this vitamin-rich, sugar-free option to enhance your water.

3. Getting quality sleep to boost fertility

Our bodies love working in a rhythm – we truly are creatures of habit. This 24-hour rhythm is called our circadian cycle. Without a proper sleep schedule, we can impair something called our Hypothalamic-Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis, which can in turn reduce our testosterone production (which is important for both males and females).

Impaired sleep patterns may not sound like much of an issue, but they can result in early pregnancy loss, failed embryo implantation, anovulation, and amenorrhea. The other downside? Fatigue can be a libido buzzkill! When you are tired it’s likely you won’t have energy or desire to engage in the thing you need to do to make the baby!

Sleep support products to boost fertility

Sleep support products that can help you:

  • Magnesium Bisglycinate: one of the best-known forms of magnesium, as it is much better absorbed by the body in comparison to other forms, and rarely causes loose stools. Magnesium is used by many to support muscle function and relaxation, which can also translate to a better night’s sleep. It has also been tied to a reduction in stress and anxiety which can help you get those zzz’s in!
  • L-theanine: this natural extract can promote relaxation without drowsiness, meaning you can fall asleep a little easier. While it is naturally found in tea, many people prefer to consume it in supplement form to obtain higher amounts of this beneficial amino acid.

4. Using antioxidants to boost fertility

Oxidative stress is another contributing factor to a number of chronic health conditions, including infertility. It can also lead to chronic illness, immune system imbalances, and gut health issues, all of which can affect fertility. Getting to the root of any hormonal imbalance is key, and many times, incorporating antioxidants is essential to address the root cause.

Antioxidant products to boost fertility

Antioxidant boosters that can help you:

  • Superfood C+: combines a number of antioxidants that help to reduce cell damage and strengthen our immune system.
  • Vitamin C: an important vitamin as it not only helps to repair cells, but also supports the absorption of iron, which is a necessary mineral during and after pregnancy.
  • Pycnogenol: this potent antioxidant has been shown to help protect sperm cells.

5. Managing hormone health to boost fertility

This one is pretty simple: our hormones are directly related to our reproductive health! One of the most common sex hormone issues is low progesterone, which can decrease your chances of getting or staying pregnant.

Hormone support products to boost fertility

Hormone support products that can help you: