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A Little Detox Goes a Long Way

Ellyl-Faith Llavore

Tips & Tricks for your Summer DeTox

Anyone else already feeling like they need a bit of a detox one month into our summer?  Summer vacations, holidays, ice cream cones and patio beverages making you feel lethargic, bloated, grumpy and feeling like perhaps you may have put on a few lbs?  Well here are a few of my favourite summer detox tricks to help keep our body on track!

First, let us talk about the word “ DETOX” We have all read many articles, heard lots of talk about how vital detoxing our body is, and they are right, detoxing is super important.  However, there are so many different detoxes’s out there where do you begin to chose which one is right for you? I always like to encourage my clients to prepare our body ahead of time before we jump into a detox ( especially ones for candida, heavy metals etc.).  Detoxifying our body goes through various stages to be successful and if not done slowly and adequately can often do more harm then good.  The whole point of detoxifying is to release those toxins that have built up in our body through our major detoxifying organs ( liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and our skin).  To prepare for that, we must ensure that those two principal organs ( liver and kidneys ) as well as our digestive tract have a little TLC ahead of time, have the right supporting foods and supplements as well as the proper time to allow our body to detoxify thoroughly. Although there are many different and readily available detox’s ( 21 days, liquid only, juice cleanses etc.), I don’t like to suggest those as often people will feel terrible, lethargic, and end up ill post cleanse from the excessiveness that these detoxes can be.   My suggestion for those who are wanting to consider doing a detox is to start the day with a few of my favourite naturally detoxifying foods, supplements and recipes to help prepare the body for the actual “ detox” program you choose to do.  I always like to recommend doing a detox for a duration of 2-3 months.  Slow and steady is more ideal then fast and aggressive.  You need to take the time for your body to slowly reset, release the toxins and to allow the detoxification process to happen for greater success.    A great time I find to do “ detox’s “ are in the fall as well as the spring.  Re-setting our health and doing daily “ daily “ detoxification practices will allow the actual “ detox” less harmful on your body, fewer side effects ( headaches, tummy issues, skin eruptions, malaise and even sickness).   Here are a few of my favourite “ daily detoxifiers “ that I incorporate into my life.
  Drinking lots of water is always beneficial for our body!  Water is critical to help flush toxins out of our body through our kidneys; help reduces bloating, aids in digestion and the frequency of our bowel movements ( also necessary for detoxification).  I love to add lemon to my water daily which aids in the detoxification process, alkalines our body as well as can even help speed up our metabolism. Get your greens in: I LOVE using Chlorella Algae in my smoothies daily!  ( it also is excellent with fresh lemons and water to sip on through the day )  Chlorella is a powerhouse green algae known for its detoxifying effects.  Rich in chlorophyll and loads antioxidants, it has been shown to increase our levels of Glutathione ( found in the liver and our bodies own antioxidant), bind to heavy metals, toxins and pesticides in our body as well as help our body detoxify from radiation and even chemotherapy.  Chlorella is very versatile, and a must-have in your smoothies for daily detoxification – Plus it has a mild taste to it. Read more about the benefits Chlorella in this Product Spotlight.
Did you know that our liver takes on a majority ( well actually almost all of the toxins that we are exposed to?   Our liver plays a huge roll in our body and is vital for our health.  Milk Thistle is an excellent supplement that helps support the liver and to help regenerate it.  I always recommend to my clients to supplement with Milk thistle on a daily basis whether you want to detox, have hormone imbalances, overindulged too much or have skin problems.  Our liver and its health are essential to so many things in our body, and milk thistle is an excellent proactive supplement to support the health of our liver and increase our bodies detoxification.
Our digestive health is essential for the removal of toxins in our body.  If we have a sluggish or poor digestive tract, our body will have a build up of toxins leading to disease, sickness and reduced immunity; Collagen and Bone Broth can help with that! Collagen helps heal the mucosal lining in our digestive tract, increase peristalsis as well as aid in the healing of “ leaky gut’ known to cause food sensitivities, skin conditions, allergies, bloating and autoimmune disorders. Collagen is an excellent source of the most absorbable form of protein that you can uptake in the body.  Protein is a significant component when it comes to detoxification pathways and is essential as it is needed for the regeneration of all cells in the body.
Think broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts!  These nutrient powerhouse veggies are essential for their natural detoxifying effects, vitamins and minerals, as well as they, are known to help metabolise excess estrogen from the body.  It is the powerful compound “ glucocinolates” that is found in the brassica family that is rich in nutrients known to help our bodies detoxification.  Eating at least two servings of the brassica family a day is ideal and an excellent way to naturally increase our detoxification daily. Detoxification can be different for everyone – so my advice when considering doing a detox is to talk to your natural health practitioner/nutritionist.  Found out the safest and most effective way to detox correctly and make sure you give yourself enough time to follow through thoroughly.  As I mentioned earlier, detox should not be done over a short amount of time.  Especially if you suffer from candida or more digestive severe disorders (parasites, sibo etc.).  Following the above are all great ways to be proactive in the health of your liver, kidneys and digestive tract!  There are many other supplements and methods to detox; however, these are a few of my favourites naturally! For more information on detoxification, recipes and other Organika products, please see our website www.organika.com or follow us on social media –Organika Health   -Chelan Wilkins, RHN- Busy mother of two, and Organika's National Education Trainer.