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Bone Broth: An Immunity Elixir

Amy Wilson

Your immune system is an amazing army of cells that act like superheroes, fighting off bacteria and viruses. These incredible cells protect you around the clock, and work hard to keep you in good health. When it comes to fueling our immune system, we need to provide it with the proper nutrition. Your immune system needs proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to be able to function optimally. What your immune system does NOT need is processed foods and refined sugars. Too much sugar can actually weaken your immune defenses for several hours after eating it. So, what can you eat for ideal immune function? Eating nutrient-rich foods like leafy greens, power-foods like shiitake mushrooms, and drinking protein-filled drinks like bone broth, will ensure adequate nutrition for your immune army.

Why bone broth for the immune system?

Bone broth packs a big punch, as it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that fuel the immune system. It is also incredibly soluble, meaning that it takes very little effort for us to absorb and utilize it all around the body. Bone broth may also aid in repairing damage in the gut, that can result from poor diets, food-borne illnesses, chronic stress and disease. Because it is full of essential amino acids, bone broth provides food to the cells in our intestines, which play a big role in our immune system. Keeping our intestinal cells strong and healthy is vital in supporting immune function.

What else can bone broth do?

Besides supporting the immune system, bone broth can contribute to a number of functions all around the body, such as building and repairing. The proteins found in bone broth come from a rich source of collagen, which is used structurally in the body. Collagen helps the integrity of our skin stay strong and smooth. Protein from collagen is also used in the building and repair of our joints, muscle and tendons. When there is any type of injury, there is a need for quality protein to help repair it, and bone broth is a great source of this. Bone broth can easily be added to your health regime, daily or weekly. Check out our blog for some recipe ideas! This nutrient-rich food has been a dietary staple in many different cultures for centuries for good reason. There is no doubt that individuals are noticing the many benefits of bone broth and are keeping this awesome product in the market! Be sure to include bone broth in your next shop.

"Stay healthy, eat well and be happy"

Amy Wilson XO