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In line with Organika’s mission to help Canadians love living healthy, we are proud to announce we are partnering with Women’s Health Collective Canada to support equity in women’s health research.

Through the entire month of March 2021, we are celebrating women by donating 10% of Organika.com proceeds to WHCC.

What is WHCC?

Women’s Health Collective Canada (WHCC) is a strategic alliance founded by three of the country’s leading women’s health and hospital foundations (BC Women’s Health Foundation, Women’s College Hospital Foundation, and Alberta Women’s Health Foundation). WHCC’s mission is to build an equitable and inclusive future for women’s healthcare and research by raising funds and awareness for their foundations through unified advocacy across Canada.

WHCC’s commitments

  • Funding medical research that addresses the unique needs of women.
  • Raising awareness on the gender health gap, dispelling misconceptions about women’s health, and highlighting how healthy women create a healthier Canada.
  • Dispelling misconceptions about women’s health to help everyone know the facts.
  • Broadening the scope and reach of world class women’s health programs to reach every woman, everywhere.
  • Creating higher standards of care for every woman.

Why support women’s health research in Canada?

In 2020, WHCC launched with a national survey that underscores the need for more awareness around women’s health. Survey results show what those in the medical community have known for years: that lack of knowledge and public understanding of women’s health stems from a history of gender inequality in the research process.

WHCC’s survey results show that:

  • Approximately 89% of Canadians don’t know that women are more likely than men to experience an adverse reaction from prescription medications.
  • Only 20% of Canadians know that heart disease kills more women than men each year.
  • 44% of Canadians don’t know if hormonal birth control has any effects on a women’s ability to conceive - with 28% of Canadians falsely believing it depends on how long a woman has been using hormonal birth control.
  • Only 8% of Canadians know that as high as 1/3 of Canadian women suffer from clinically significant sexual dysfunction that interferes with their quality of life.

Supporting and donating to women’s health research is essential to raising awareness of gender-based inequities and improving the standards of care for women across the country!

How can I help?

  • Visit WHCC’s website to learn more about the Collective and to join the movement to fund the facts on women’s health.
  • During March 2021, shop Organika.com - 10% of our web proceeds will go directly to WHCC.
  • Spread the word on social media to keep the conversation going! #FundtheFacts

Be kind, support gender equity, and keep loving living healthy,

The Organika team