Product spotlight

Glow Adaptogen: New, improved and beaming!

The Organika Team

Looks like seaweed, grows on trees, makes great soups. The beauty industry has a new darling, and it’s a very unique one! Tremella mushroom is on the rise, and it’s set to be one of the hottest beauty and skincare ingredients in 2020. Long before showing up on Allure and Glamour, tremella was well known in East Asian countries as a legendary beauty-boosting ingredient. It’s now coming to a store shelf near you as the new, improved formula for our Glow adaptogen! We’ve been researching, tinkering and sampling in the lab to find the best, most effective glow boosting ingredients, and tremella is our winner! Let’s take a look at what makes it such an amazing glow helper.

It ups your skin hydration

Tremella’s reputation as a beauty ‘shroom comes from its amazing water-holding capacity. Increased moisture retention is what gives skin a plump, healthy and youthful look. It also decreases signs of dryness and aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Watch out, hyaluronic acid! Tremella has been shown to have a water retention capacity equivalent to HA (1), while being completely natural derived. 

It protects you from oxidative stress

Ever heard of oxidative stress? That’s what happens when free radicals, highly reactive molecules in your body, go rogue and start causing chain chemical reactions, and there aren’t enough antioxidants around to stop them. This imbalance can cause all sorts of damage to proteins, fatty tissue and DNA, contributing to aging and leading to chronic diseases in the long run. In simpler terms, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants as part of your daily diet! Tremella is a great natural source. We love adding Glow to hot cocoa or our morning coffee for a tasty antioxidant boost!

It has adaptogenic properties

Yep, we’re still obsessed with adaptogens. And why wouldn’t we? We love an all-natural way to stay healthy and on top of things during periods of stress. We hustle, but we love our self-care. It’s all about balance! Though Glow is re-joining the party with a different formula, the adaptogenic goodness is still here! The polysaccharides (naturally occurring long chains of carbohydrate molecules) found in tremella have immunomodulatory properties (2) : they help adjust the immune system to your particular circumstances and needs, to help your body adapt and fight off stressors. Pro tip: add some Glow to your bone broth next time you’re feeling a cold coming on!  

Look out for our newly formulated Glow adaptogen, coming soon to a store near you! ?

Glow is made from organic tremella mushrooms raised by our favourite farmers in Washington, USA. To read more about where our mushrooms come from, click here.


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