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Goutrin: The Pain Free Solution For Joints

Ellyl-Faith Llavore

It’s time we talked gout, and about joint pain that affects many of us.

Ever woken up with a stiff neck? How about right now, is your back stiff from sitting at your computer, currently reading this article? For the most part, we all experience joint pain to some degree due to athletic endeavours, long days at the office and the thing that we refer to as “kids.” But could you imagine having joint pain all the time? For those who suffer gout, you know this feeling all too well. Known as the “malady of kings,” gout is a form of arthritis that causes pain and inflammation within joints, leading to spikes of joint pain and significantly reduced mobility.

What is Gout?

Gout comes in acute and chronic attacks, causing sharp bouts of pain in joints (especially the big toe) or prolonged joint pain, respectively. Either way, gout can seriously hinder movement through joint pain and inflammation, making everyday activities near impossible. Accounting for approximately 5% of arthritis cases, statistics reveal that although gout is 3 times as prevalent in men than women and affects those primarily in their 40’s/50’s, gout can afflict anyone, of any age.1 In some cases, gout has been known to manifest even as early as after puberty. In addition, gout is more prevalent in those with kidney disease, since uric acid is processed in the kidneys.

The Culprit?

Dietary, genetic and environmental factors cause a spike in a chemical called uric acid, which is normally processed by the kidneys. If uric acid rises to excess levels then uric acid crystals begin to form around joints, resulting in the characteristic joint pain, inflammation and redness with joints.

The Good, The Bad, And The Goutrin.

Bad news: As a form of arthritis, gout has no known cure. Good news: There are options to effectively manage symptoms, and reduce gout flare up frequency and severity. Take Goutrin, an organic blend of 5 potent antioxidants that have been proven to reduce uric acid within joints and reduce the frequency of gout flare-ups! Each vegetarian cap contains cherry, thyme, and celery seed powder, as well as vitamin C and peppermint extract, containing potent procyandins and phytochemicals that reduce the symptoms of redness, inflammation, and overall joint pain. The result? Better mobility, less joint pain, and a reduced severity of gout caused joint pain throughout the body – especially the knees, and peripheral joints in hands and feet. Combined with regular exercise, adequate water intake and a diet rich in healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids and medium chain triglycerides, Goutrin helps to encourage healthy cartilage for joint cushioning, and reduces uric acid leading to gout pain.  
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