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Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe (With Collagen!)

Rhiannon Lytle

Are you looking to stay healthy on the go? It's easier than you think, especially when you have an healthy green smoothie recipe that only takes a few minutes of your time! If you haven't hopped on the smoothie train, then what are you waiting for?! These are a nutrient-dense way to start your day, or add some extra vegetables to you 3 p.m. snack. When you prepare properly, smoothies can take less time to make at home than heading to your local juice shop (and cost WAY less!).
When making a smoothie, here are 3 important things to remember to ensure it is filling and nourishing: 
  1. Choose healthy fats! Coconut cream, avocado, nut butters and seeds are all great choices. Or if you take a liquid Omega-3 supplement, try adding it here!
  2. Always include vegetables. Zucchini, spinach, or steamed (then frozen) cauliflower have little flavour, but pack a nutrient-punch!
  3. Add protein. Protein sources like Enhanced Collagen, Spirulina, or a protein powder help to keep you satiated.

Combine all three of these tips in this Heathy Green Smoothie Recipe!

  Easy Green collagen smoothie  
Healthy Green Smoothie 
(with Collagen!): 


  • 1 banana (frozen or ripe is fine)
  • 1 big handful of spinach
  • 1 scoop Organika Enhanced Collagen
  • 1 tbsp. of your favourite nut butter
  • 1/2 ripe avocado
  • 1 cup of water or your favourite non-dairy milk (we're loving Oat Milk right now!)


This will all depend on your blender! If you have a high-powered Vitamix, you can toss everything in at once, blend, and drink! If you are using a smaller blender like a Magic Bullet, or something without too much stamina, try this:
  1. Put your liquid and spinach in the blender. Blend until spinach is mostly liquid.
  2. Add banana and avocado. Blend again until mixed thoroughly.
  3. Add nut butter and Enhanced Collagen. Blend once more and pour into your favourite take-away mug!

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