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How to Eat Healthy on a Road Trip

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Stay on track during your travels with healthy road trip snacks

A road trip is not complete without grabbing your meals from a drive through window and taking photos with weird tourist attractions you’d otherwise never seek out. World’s Largest Paddle anyone? It’s actually a thing. But while we’re totally on board with you letting loose on vacation, you don’t need to throw it all away and live off fries. There are plenty of ways to eat healthy on a road trip.   greens on the go is a great healthy road trip snack

Here’s how:

1. Plan Ahead

While you’re mapping out your trip, take note of grocery stores, and restaurants along your route. Grocery stores are a great place to stop for healthy road trip snacks like fruit or veggies and hummus. Trade in drive through windows for local restaurants. They’re bound to have more variety than burgers and fries, you might even find some hidden gems with delicious menus.

2. Pack a Cooler

Don’t leave home without a cooler in your car. You can easily grab ice at grocery stores and gas stations to keep it cool along the way. A cooler is your best friend when it comes to taking healthy snacks on the road. Stock it full of fruits and veggies, healthy dips or pre-made smoothies. The next time you pull over to a viewpoint or rest spot, you’ll be prepared.

3. BYOB – Bring Your Own Breakfast

Oatmeal is the perfect on-the-road breakfast. Make your own pre-packed oatmeal kits with quick cooking rolled oats, cinnamon, and dried fruit and nuts for flavour. You can grab a cup of hot water at pretty much any coffee shop on the way, mix it in with your oats, let it sit a few minutes, then dig in. They taste as great as the store-bought kinds you used to eat as a kid, without all the added sugar.   fruit is the perfect healthy road trip snack  

4. Snack on Fruit

Fruit is the number one healthy road trip snack that exists. Think about it. It’s delicious, nutritious, and the waste is biodegradable. It’s also easy to eat – no utensils needed. Yes, please.

5. Drink Your Greens

It’s safe to say most of us don’t eat enough greens on a daily basis yet alone on vacation. That’s why green powders are the perfect fix! Bring a shaker cup, your favourite greens powder and add some water or juice. Shake it up and drink your way to green goddess status.

6. Hydrate

If you're the type of person who never seems to drink enough water on the go, your solution is a reusable water bottle. You can fill them up almost anywhere these days, and you can also get really great ones that keep your drink cool and refreshing no matter how hot it gets outside. Aim to drink a full bottle of water in the morning before heading out on the road, and make sure to sip frequently throughout your trip. Water helps to flush out toxins, and keep your joints from feeling achy and stiff. Sure you might need to stop for more bathroom breaks, but hey, pee breaks also mean stretching breaks. Happy road tripping!

What's your go-to travel snack?