Health & Wellness

Kindness is Contagious

The Organika Team

There is a contagious virus out there and it’s unnerving, even frightening. We are being asked to stay inside, to limit our interactions with others, to keep calm. In this time of uncertainty, hand-washing like it’s our job and social distancing, let’s not forget about one of the most basic of acts: Kindness.   When is the last time you wrote a letter to a loved one? Or an email just because? Pour yourself a cup of tea and FaceTime your best friend across the country or across the street. And your grandma while you’re at it. Offer to grab some groceries or prescriptions for the elderly couple in your building when you’re heading out to get yours. Not everyone has a robust immune system or access to cars or bikes, see where you can help. And while you’re there, thank the cashiers and the ones stocking the shelves – they are literally putting themselves in harm’s way to make sure that those of us who are staying home have food, vitamins and toilet paper. A smile and a thank you can go a long way. Ditto for doctors and nurses. Imagine what their days are like lately. Remember that health is more than whether or not we are sick with a virus. Health is also about emotional and mental well-being.   It seems so obvious, but let’s reconnect with our families and friends. Being asked to stay close to home is new for us. We’re so used to running out to grab a coffee, stocking up on fresh veggies daily, our Monday night spin class that we haven’t missed since 2018. But social distance doesn’t have to mean social isolation. What we risk losing is connection. So let’s create some through kindness. Kindness is contagious. Let’s spread it around.