One bottle, 3 Collagens: Full Spectrum Collagen

Rhiannon Lytle

If you have read this blog post, you know that there are three main types of collagen that are primarily found in our body: types 1, 2, and 3. However, each collagen is found in different forms, and different bottles. To make it easier for you, Organika has created an all-in-one collagen: Full Spectrum Collagen!

Full Spectrum Collagen

First, here’s a quick reminder about why collagen is important to start with:
Collagen is the primary protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails. In fact, it makes up 70% of the protein that is found in our skin. And our body actually produces this all on its own using Vitamin C, Lysine and Threonine, plus a few other antioxidants.
However, as we get older, our body can’t actually produce it like it once did.
This is because as we get older, we can’t breakdown food the same way we did when we were younger. In turn, we are unable to absorb the nutrients from our food properly. The amino acids and vitamins that we need for collagen aren’t as plentiful in our body. This means that we are unable to make collagen at the same rate as when we were younger, which results in more fine lines, more brittle hair, and joint issues.
So what can we do?
By supplementing with collagen on a regular basis, we are able to increase our body’s levels of collagen protein. But when each one does something differently, how do we know what one to choose? Type 1 collagen: Found in Organika’s Enhanced Collagen and Marine Collagen, this is best known to boost hair, skin and nail health. Type 2 collagen: Found in Organika’s Chicken Bone Broth, this is best known to assist with bone and joint health. Type 3 collagen: Found in Enhanced Collagen, and is best to support gut and bone health. Each of collagen is found in from a different source, so each actually has a different amino acid profile. However, once combined, they work together to provide all amino acids needed in the body. Organika has blended Enhanced Collagen, Marine Collagen and Chicken Bone Broth to create Full Spectrum Collagen. That means, in one scoop, you provide your body with all necessary amino acids to boost your beauty routine, support your joints, and promote gut health.

Grab a bottle of Organika's Full Spectrum Collagen today!